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How Much Is Too Much Fish Oil?


I take between 10-15 1g. gelcaps of fish oil each day. I was wondering if it's possible to consume too much fish oil, and what a reasonable dosage for a 240 lbs. lifter might be.

What would the consequences of consuming too much fish oil be?




not nearly too much. i consumed 70 caps a day for a week once and got some nice acne dissipation. i should do that for a month.


ditti on the acne thing and i use some flax with fish and my skin looks great!


Borage oil may be even more potent than flax. Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) makes a good borage oil capsule called GLA-240. I take that along with fish oil every day. Works great for my eczema.


Various studies point to 4g combined EPA and DHA per day to be optimal, though you can get good results with less.

I remember seeing a study listed that indicated 4g EPA/DHA + 2g GLA per day was a potent combo.


Any input on why someone would have these other ingrediants in the same product?

Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) 240 mg ?
Borage Oil (Borago officinalis) (seed) 1 g (1,000 mg) ?
Linoleic Acid 400 mg ?
Oleic Acid 200 mg ?
Palmitic Acid 100 mg ?
Stearic Acid 60 mg ?




When you start breathing through gills, I'd say its time to taper off a bit.


I dunno. If anybody was to turn into a fish, I'd say it would be wufwugy, after taking 70 caps in one day. That's almost a bottle a day habit


I'm about 50lbs. less than you and consume 6 to 8 grams per day. been doing it for about four years.


yeah, a straight up f*cking junkie. seek help.


I take five 1000mg caps with each of my 6-7 meals. I also take 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil with every meal too. That gives me about 2800 extra kcals a day. The AD rocks!


Or sensative to temperature like a human mercury laden thermometer.


Some formulations are designed to help you equalize your EFA ratios. Not just with the supplements, but with all your nutrition.

You will find people arguing that you only need Omega 3s. Unfortunately these people usually miss the point that while a lot of Omega 6 are in the diet, it doesn't mean they are getting enough of the right ones. They also foget that you "need" certain saturated fats too. That is what all these are. I would take them and a little extra 3s and you should be set.


I take 2000mg of flax seed oil that contains omega 3 and 6 in the tablet as prescribed on the label, Would you guys say that isint enough?



2 grams of flax seed oil is only 1/7 of a Tablespoon.



Hi Crow Bar,

How much should I be aiming for then?


when i got up to around 6 grams of epa+dha the blood thinging effect was VERY noticable.

FYI, I am not a heavy bleeder by nature. During minor dental surgery the dentist was amazed by how slow I was to clot. I was still loosing a little blood well after the surgery.


I just went out and brought some:

'Omega 3 Rich FISH OIL! 1000mg'

capsules. Man I love the way they try to make fish oil look fasionable and exciting ^^; however I digress.

Instead of making another thread about this, here we go:

1 Capsule:

1000mg fish oil
180mg EPA
120mg DHA

How many should I be taking a day, and should I split them up with each meal I take? I'm assuming apprx 14 a day, to equate to a tablespoon worth of oil, is this correct?

P.S: is 180 capsules for ?10 a blatent rip off? seemed a touch steep to me.




Doberman, depending on your body weight, nutritional status, overall health, and activity level, I'd shoot for 3-6 grams combined of EPA/DHA per day. So, you'll have to look at the label and see the EPA/DHA content of the product you're using and guage it from there. If your product does not give this info, I suggest switching to a brand that does.

Ben, I get 100 1g. softgels of Fish Oil (Optimum Nutrition; 180mg. EPA/120 mg. DHA) for under $3.00