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How much is to much sodium and does it slow down fat loss or make you look


soft? I added up all my sodium intake for the day and I eat around 4,500mg a day. Now I don't eat canned foods. This all comes from cottage cheese, deli lunch meat, turkey sausage links, and other foods. Is this bad? I know it could cause I blood pressure but what about if I'm trying to get lean? I do notice I'm still losing 2 pounds of fat a week. However, I'm still soft in the chest and stomach area could this be because of the sodium or simply because my body fat is still high? By the way I drink plenty of water.


Hey, there, trying!!!

Sodium serves a useful purpose in the body. The only reason to restrict it is if you suffer from salt-sensitive hypertension. It is a factor/item that is manipulated in the final week before a BB competition, but it is done so in conjunction with water. As a general rule, salt your food and drink plenty of water.

Continue on with your diet and work out as hard as you are able. Hitting it from both those directions will eventually give you the results you're looking for. When Biotest releases the new Methoxy, give it a try. One of the things people really enjoy is the fact that it has a hardening effect on the muscles.