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How much is one cup?

In USA nutrition recommendations are often given as “cups”. What is the volume of the cup (in millilitres or desilitres or ounces, for example)? Thanks in advance.

1 cup = 250 ml. With all the talk about democracy, isn’t it high time the US adopts the metric system like ALL civilized democracies?? haha

250ml or 8oz.

1 cup = 240 ml. Not 250ml.

I don´t know about the american cups but in Sweden a cup is 1,5 dl…

Actually, 1 cup (8 oz.) = 236ml for the more anal retentive of us.

(More importantly, the United States is NOT a Democracy, it’s a Constitutional Republic, a big and very important difference, but we can discuss that on the off-topic boards.)

Ahem, a cup is 236.6ml. And, there is nothing civilized about a democracy. I hope the US remains a representative republic as it has been for the last 200+ years. But, it would be kinda nice to go metric.

It’s also 8 oz.

Look at these responses! Anyone who has ever said that bodybuilders are stupid and unaware should read this thread, and if they’re not convinced, they should be repeatedly sodomized by TC Luoma’s cousin’s female pit bull wearing a size 10 (metric) strap-on.

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