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How much is enough flax?

I ‘try’ to take about 10mls of flaxoil each day (I often forget, which I think my mind does on purpose 'cos it tastes so foul). I’ve found the most painless way to take it is to skull it from a shot glass. Am I taking enough for it to be of any real benefit?

You should be taking 3 tablespoons but an even better idea would be to eat salmon and take fish oil caps per John M Berardi’s recommendation(6gms of DHA+EPA).

Have you tried mixing it into your protein shakes? I did that and added Atkins flavoring (no carbs and sweet as hell) it did the trick for me.

Never heard of that atkins stuff, but then I’m on the butt of the planet in Australia, so that may have something to do with it… Yeah, I’ve mixed it with my drinks, and it’s a little more bearable, but tends to impregnate its flavour in the bottle forever… Might try mixing a shot of Vodka with it! Anyway, I’ll keep goin’ with it, it is helping after all. And 3 tablespoons seems a bit excessive to me, sure that wasn’t a typo?

Try this. Put in your mouth one tbs of flax oil and flush it down with oj.