How Much is a Good Double Overhand Deadlift?

I just did 160kg . How does it stack up?

Here is the world record on a 2" polished axle 8 years ago at 516lbs

Try it with an axle


That’s pretty good. Legitimately in “guy who lifts weights” territory.

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Hook grip has both hands in the overhand position. Does that count?

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If it does I’ve pull 562… lol, but I can pull more hook that mixed grip.

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Me too. Hook is a painful grip, but my strongest. I’ve done 600 hook grip. Overhand without hook (but chalk), IDK, maybe 405?

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I remember when I started deadlifting, I only did double overhand, for quite awhile. I didn’t switch to over/under until my grip finally started failing me. I believe that was around 455. I can do more now, probably low 500’s, but that was where I initially failed maybe 10 years ago. More recently, I’ve done 385 on a 2" smooth axle… That was challenging.

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I want to get 180kg I have small hands though but no excuses lol.
I would loveto get an axle . I can do about 100kg from memory with difficulty with those blue grips forget the name. 2 inches. I did want to buy a 2.5 inch one to mimick a Thomas Inch Trainer.
I have always had a relatively weak grip for the effort put forth IMO.

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NO sorry. 405 is amazing IMO.

Very strong .

Outrageous what people can achieve.
Good my style of lift counts then too. I thought it might not count.

Do you guys bother wearing a belt? I mean the weights are normally well under your max deadlift. Also do you have any tips which have worked for you on improving it?
Did you guys use power bars or spining style OL bars?

I was hoping it was better than that, but never mind lol. I think i can get a bit more maybe 170kg if fresh. It’s funny I have not trained it at all due to a wrist injury. Foirtunately it is clearing up.
The big guy at the gym with a 320 kg hook grip and 280kg advised me to train exclusively with hook grip in order to improve the DOH. I might give that a go , as OL interest me anyway,

Never mind the comparisons. You’re at where you’re at today, and moving forward from there.

It really is that simple.

I pull double overhand on a standard bar because that’s what I have. What ever you have and what ever works. I started using hook grip when I started oly lifting, and it just stuck and agreed with me to the extent that I’ve used it.

Everybody has different uses on belts too. I don’t use one at less than 300lbs. or so. Some don’t use them at all, etc.


You can make an axel for like 15 bucks from the hardware store.

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We don’t have the same type of hardware stores in the UK.
I have used scaffolding pole in the past which works quite well. The scaffolding pole is 2 inches. It is smooth .
In the UK we might have to go to a plumbing store or local steel stockholder. Both are not particularly cheap though.
It would be nice, if the gym would buy one with some 50kg plates lol.

I’m uk based - scaffolding works perfectly. Over lock down i invested in some plates and used a scaffold tube a bar. For collars I wrapped 1/2 a roll of duct tape around it.
It’s cheap and nasty. But it works.

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Half scaffolding clips cut off would work better.

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They would. But I had none.

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They are a pain to cut too. Plus it gives off deadly gases if you weld fastenings to it. Or grind the galvanising off.