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How much is a cup?

Please excuse me but being from England I don’t know what a cup is. I would like to follow JB’s Don’t Diet Diet. How many grams of oatmeal is one cup?

For liquids, one cup equals 250 ml.

I just weighed a cup of oatmeal and it comes to 120g.

Hope this helps. BTW, Don’t Diet is an excellent plan. I’ve gotten good results with it.

A cup is a device you place over your manhood to protect it whilst playing sports where the potential exists to get struck between the legs.

All kidding aside. 1 cup equals 8 ounces. 1 ounce roughly equals 28 grams. I learned that during my pot smoking days.

a cup is 250 mL or 156 grams of oats

One cup is 8 oz, and if I still remember from my druggie days, 28g per oz. (27 if you want to make friends with your buyers.) So 224g per cup. I think.

*But God created both forms of measurement, so shouldn’t they then be equal in the eyes of jesus? :wink: Oh, sorry. Wrong thread.


That whole protective cup thing was hillarious!!!

But 1 thing I must point out as far as your missguided measuring.

While a cup is 8 fluid oz., that doesnt mean that all substances will measure out at 28g per oz of weight. Actually very few will.

It depends on the density of the substance. The 120grm estimate is probably much closer.


Well an ounce is 28.35g which is exactly the same weight as a two penny piece or two pennies.
How do I know that? Errr…

I am looking at the Nutrition Facts of my oats. A half cup serving is 40g, so one cup is roughly 80 grams.

u should be able to buy a cup or 250ml measuring cup pretty easily anywhere in england. (just ask one of the ladies at the grocery if ya need help)

If you ever need a real quick answer, whenever I have conversion questions, I go straight to Google and get the answer in a matter of seconds…

Yes, there are fluid ounces which measure volume(8 to a cup or 250mL) and there are dry ounces which measure mass (28g for a dry ounce).

You cannot direcly equate a volume measurement to a mass measurement without knowing the density.

Nutrition facts on my oats say that 1 cup yields 90 grams. As you can see there are different results. Should try to find info specific your brand.


Make it easy on yourself and go to the homeware store and buy a set of measuring cups.

You’ll get 1,1/2,1/3,1/4 servings so you won’t have to fool around. If it says a cup just get your trusty 1 cup measure and load it up :slight_smile:

Let me put it in terms I believe any Englishman will understand: 1 cup == 1/2 pint.

Now i am even more confused?!

Went and bought a measuring jug with cups on it. (Indeed it is 8 fl.oz or 1/2 pint)

Put in the oats and it came to ~150g. SO why does it say that 80-90g of oats is 1 cup on some brands of oats?? Unless they are talking about the cooked amount?

Puhleez go to Google, an encyclopedia, your library, whatever, and get some conversion charts!

You’re making it way more complicated than it needs to be. It ain’t that hard!