How Much Is 70.9?

Brewing up a new vial of prop forgot how much oil I put last time it’s I brew up 100ml it was along time ago!

You won’t be able to accurately measure 70.9. You have 2 options, you could attempt to measure out 71 (IIRC, measurement devices like this are designed to be accurate to half of the smallest increment. i.e. your graduated cylinder steps 2 mL at a time, so it should be accurate to 1 mL), but you should probably just go with 72, as it would be easiest and won’t matter enough to change your concentration. 72 is the line just above the 70 line. the 70 line is the long line below the number 70. Pour until the bottom of the meniscus reaches the 72 line.

You can measure 70.8mL on that pretty easily

Edit: apparently I can’t think today lol. You could measure 70 or 72 on there easily.

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