How Much Iodine?

I was wondering how much iodine people consider to be sufficent for a healthy thyroid. The Recomennded daily amount for the UK is 150 mcg, but in general the rda for pretty much everything is absolute bull in my experience, for example if you look at most of the “calcium and vitamin D” tablets in the UK 10 units of vitamin D is apparently 100% of your RDA.

I don’t eat iodised salt much, if it all as i dont eat alot of salt and im fairly certain what i do eat isn’t iodised. Currently im taking kelp tablets which are 150 mcg of iodine per and im taking 2 of these a day, and i was wondering if this would be sufficent or should i up my intake?

Oh, and i was also wondering if theres a specific time you should take iodine, such as on an empty stomach or at night etc.


I tried kelp (150mcg daily) for awhile, and had a blood showing extreme bottom range blood iodine, so I switched to another version at 12.5mg EOD. I’ll see what my blood work shows in a month or two.

Cheers. The tablets reccomend 1-3 tablets a day so currently im taking 450 mcg every morning. Unsure if it’ll be enough for healthy thyroid levels.

it all depends on who you ask.

I am taking 12.5mg iodine (which is 1,250mcg, right?) EOD