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How Much homework


Should Post this in the pharma section.

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The test dose looks high but e2 levels seem totally normal for TRt and no AI is needed at all

So always the answer is the minimum amount needed to do the job. Are you taking it based on how you feel vs trying to aim for a number on a lab test. Unless you’re getting gyno, not just some tingling in the nipples I’d give it a bit to settle out first.

Dividing your dose up into multiple injections can reduce perceived e2 symptoms as well so cosnider going to 2-3inj per week first.

If I was really going to do it, I’d probably start with .25mg twice a week and wait a few weeks and see how it’s going. Then titrate up a small bit and check again.

Even the most agressive AI prescribing trt docs don’t go above 1mg/week as far as I know.

Also, have you considered tamoxifen at 20mg/day rather than an AI? It selectively interfers with et2 binding in breast tissue while letting systemic e2 go up. Some like that better, just a thought.


Estradiol is crucial in metabolizing visceral fat. He’s. 33% body fat. You want him to take something that will prevent him from reducing visceral fat when one of his goals is to reduce visceral fat?


@anon80087247 you’re taking 250mg a week which maybe 5 percent of guys need. What is your total, free, and SHBG on this dose? Did you ever stop to suspect that the 250mg a week is what is causing you issues?

Provide labs and protocol and I can assist.

Also take a look at this and ask yourself how this is possible without taking an AI (spoiler alert - estradiol is crucial for this)

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Nope, I don’t want him to take it, I think I said that, I also provided multiple alternatives, but if he was hell bent on taking it I suggested starting on a lower dose of 0.25mg/twice week rather than his suggestion of either 0.5mg or 1mg three times per week.

He’s gonna do what he’s gonna do, and I was pretty sure you were going to provide the hard line discussion against taking it so I threw out a softer line.


Like @wolf359 said, don’t take 1mg daily - that’s far too much unless you’re an under-responder to arimidex (some men appear to be).

You know when you do something over a thousand times successfully, and then someone comes along and says it can’t be done, and you just roll your eyes lol

This is me with the E2 stuff. Every time.

Sure i understand. It can get frustrating.

Thanks again Danny, for all of your help in this area, I really appreciate all you do.

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C. Neither of those doses

Start way lower and less frequent. No more than twice a week should be necessary. Try .25mg twice a week for a few weeks and see if your symptoms improve. What are the symptoms and how well do you think you can accurately measure their improvement or worsening? Because as you dial this in you won’t have new blood work to guide you, so you’ll need to really keep track of how you feel. Starting at the absolute lowest effective dose is always the right answer when introducing a new drug to your routine.


Taking less testosterone will definitely lower your estrogen. I personally feel better on 200mg than I do on higher doses.

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Simply the worst answers and input ever.

I see why everyone is heading over Reddit these days.

Dbossa just weighing in and ruining every discussion on trt.

I got the answer on Reddit.

Goodbye t-nation.

Lol what a character. He knows the answer to his question (lose weight) but I’m sure his GeNeTiCs won’t allow him to. I’m sure Reddit is full of great info :roll_eyes:

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Dude, you got an answer from @wolf359. Some people do need an AI. Some don’t (I am fine on 600 mg/wk without one). You may need one, but jumping to high dose right away isn’t a good path to finding the right dose based on many other’s experiences. Starting low and titrating up is a much better path with the least risk. Many crash their E2 with AIs.

It isn’t a terrible idea to get your info from more than one spot. You might want to peruse r/steroids to see the quality of info over there. Some insane crap on that subreddit.

What are you going to run for AI dose? I think you need to post it, and run it for two months, then come back here to see if this:

was true. You currently have no way of evaluating if that claim is true or false. You are asserting it blindly. You may overdose AI, F up your dick, joints and wellbeing, but you don’t know and want to go high dose right from the beginning.

In his defense he did say he didn’t want the no AI squad jumping in.

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Good. Go. You’ve been getting advice for over a year which you weren’t applying, so you’ve been wasting people’s time, not to mention your own. I count 4 or 5 different threads since last June all talking about how to use AIs or what to take to reduce your estrogen levels.

You were 30% bodyfat last year when you started “self-prescribing” a low dose steroid cycle, with at least one blast along the way, yet you’ve managed to make absolutely zero physical progress.

So, to repeat myself, it’s good that you’re leaving. Go spin your wheels elsewhere.

P.S. - this made me lol:


I mean, this is pretty much what any other forum is going to tell you. You were asking about using 7mg/w which is more than breast cancer patients use. That’s what we call going full retard.


You guys know I always have something to say.

I literally have nothing to say here. Mouth agape. Speechless lol

Sometimes Chris cracks me up. hehehe

OMG…good fucking luck over there. That’s 10 times worse than Quora or Yahoo Answers :^ / Those morons over there think everyone on TRT needs an AI let alone on a cycle or blast because everything over there is based on bro science. And half of them are teenagers to boot. If you don’t have symptoms and take an AI you are likely going to fuck yourself up. And if you take advice from reddit probably the same result.