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How much HMB

Read in the latest MH magazine that creatine and HMB are a good combo. I’ve tried creatine several times in the past, but HMB is new to me. When taking HMB how much should I take. And are there any precautions I should know about, or side effects related to HMB.

Following Mr Phillip’s proclimation that 2 capsules of HMB feels like Deca, the last I read was that you’ll need about 20 grams per day to receive any benefits. And yes. I know that’s 1/2 bottle.

Side effects? Your wallet will lose a lot of weight if you invest in this supplement.

I thought it was Dan Duchaine who originally said that HMB felt like Deca. I could be wrong. I sold all my old MM2ks on ebay.

I think Ms. Thatcher is correct. Great for bringing down the size of your wallet. The HMB-Deca thing is legendary. I did’t think any one still sold HMB.

Hey you guys there really was just some big study that strongly indicated HMB is legit. It made me go out and buy Betagen even though I’d totally dismissed HMB for years prior. I’ve been taking 2 servings a day. I don’t have the specifics of the study handy maybe someone else does.