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how much healthy fats per day?

Hey Everyone,

Does anyone know how much healthy fats one should take in every day? Right now i am taking fish oil capsules, two per day. Each one containes 1000mg, if i remember correctly.


I usually eat 6 meals per day 4-5 fish oil capsules. I also try to eat 4 oz salmon a day, which adds another 7g or so. The rest of my fat is whatever is in the beef, chicken, etc that I eat, and I fill in the deficit with flax or olive oil

Try to get as much of your fat from healthy fat as possible, but make sure you are eating some saturated too, like beef.

el searcho!!!

You need at least 3g of combined EPA/DHA to reap the benefits of fish oils. At least that is what the studies say. I need to take at least 10 of my fish caps to get the 3 grams. Berardi actually recommends 6-10 g of combined EPA/DHA. I personally take 15 fish caps and get around 4-5g of EPA/DHA. That is in addition with a tablespoon of flax oil.

Don’t try to get all the fat you can from so-called “good fats.” Yes, many of the good fats are indeed good, but not when you get most of your fat from them!

Most of your fats should come from animal sources such as BEEF. Beef and dairy fat are supportive of testosterone, so eat your steaks and use some butter.

Once you have a good base of animal fats in your diet, then supplement with the normal recommendations of the “good fats.” You can up your “good fats”, but you have to up all other fat in your diet, too.