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How Much HCG with TRT?

I’ve been getting TRT for 2 months -150mg once per week and have started 250 iu’s of HCG twice a week.
My question is what should I look for in lab results to know if and when I need to increase the dosage over time, and also what to look for in the results to know if it’s doing what it’s supposed to.

I would greatly appreciate any information that any of you experts out there can offer me.
Thank you very much for any replies.

Somewhere between 500 and 1000 IU’s per week, split into 2-3 doses, is what I would expect you will end up wanting

Weekly dosing will not work optimal for everyone, especially if SHBG is on the lower end. A lot of these clinics are in this to sell product and do not care about you feeling your best on TRT, they are just salesmen making a quick buck.

I’ll bet you this clinic didn’t even test SHBG or estrogen for that matter, an indication they are clueless. There are other options you may not be aware, telemedicine clinic staffing experienced doctors is the way to go if having trouble locating someone to prescribe TRT.

All medications are mailed to you, you can inject however often you chose in the comfort of your own home using 29 gauge insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads.

HCG increases estrogen and can make TRT less effective, can cause mood instability, lower libido and make erections impossible.

250 IU’s EOD or twice a week is normal. It depends on your response, and it will downregulate receptors over time. It will also increase E2 and T in addition to your injection of 150 mg of test. One dose of it is pissing in the ocean, and because of down-regulation you will at some point be either upping the dose or cycling off. One shot is pointless. Do a run of a few weeks or don’t do any.

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Thank you ncsugrad2002.
What should I look for in lab results to know the proper dosage for me now and over time?

Thank you hardartery.
I was misinformed about my clinic only giving me one dose. I will be buying the HCG from them and administering myself.
You mentioned a of run of a few weeks and I’m wondering if that is the proper way to do it or something you’ve had good results doing, or if it is supposed to be perpetual as long as you’re on trt?
Thank you

Thank you systemlord.
That is interesting and I’m definitely going to look into the telemedicine.
The clinic I’m going to did test estrogen but not a sensitive assay, and did not test SHBG. I’m going to ask for both of those to be included in my next lab. Is there anything else you recommend I have tested specifically that will help me get dialed in? Also in relation to monitoring the effect or effectiveness of the HCG.
You mentioned that HCG can have negative effects… Do you have any advice on how to proceed with HCG or if you feel that it is necessary at all? If continued how would you suggest I use it to have the best chance of it not having those negative effects on me?
Thank you

Smaller more frequent injections can lesson any side effects, those larger doses seem to cause problems for some men much in the same way large T injections do.

Managing estrogen on HCG can be tricky, anastrozole can’t affect E2 in side the testicles, doesn’t matter how much anastrozole you throw at the E2 problem, the dosage of HCG must then be lowered in these instances.

They will probably put you on it perpetually, but it advisable to not just stay on it perpetually, apparently. It is like any drug, it doesn’t work forever, so if you are using it for fertility at some point, it is best if you have not downregulated you receptors or built up a tolerance.

Understood. Thank you very much

That makes sense. Thank you I appreciate it.

I would use the hCG throughout, do your balls down regulate or desensitize to LH after a few weeks…I mean yes your balls will lose sensitivity to both LH and hCG as you age, but that’s not the same thing.

Men do not naturally have HCG, and it is not identical to LH, so you cannot say that about it. Men do lose response to it over time, and cycling avoids that with no negatives.

How often would you suggest cycling the HCG?

@physioLojik leans toward not bothering with it at all unless you are actually trying to conceive. I would guess it would be dictated by sides. If you are having pain from being shutdown then use it for a few weeks. I don’t bother with it at all, so I haven’t looked up the receptor life, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find with Google. I would expect going off of it for 6 weeks to 2 months periodically would be good enough.

Can you find a single study showing it actually desensitizes leydig cells in humans cause I have never found one. And no it’s not identical but they refer to it as the LH/hCG receptor. Anyway do you cycle your trt as well, I’m guessing no.

I do actually, but it wouldn’t really matter if I didn’t. I could go ahead and up my dose of test if I needed to, and your body make more androgen receptors over time if you have more androgens, so it’s not the same thing. I will look you up a study later when I have a few minutes.

I’m not trying to conceive anymore, but as far as testicle shrinkage do you think I’d be ok not bothering taking the HCG? I was under the impression that they would all but disappear.

That is an individual thing. Mine are still there.

Ok I appreciate it. Knowing that, I’ll definitely experiment with it now.