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How Much Have You Improved in the Past Year?

Was just reflecting on my progress in the past year and figured it would make for a good thread. Last summer my PR’s were:

Bodyweight ~220
Squat 420
Bench 260
Deadlift 410

My numbers are now:
Bodyweight ~240
Squat 480
Bench 300
Deadlift 500

In a year I have gained 20 lbs, put 60 lbs on my squat, 40 lbs on my bench, and 90 pounds on my deadlift. I also competed in my first two power meets. If I ever lose perspective on how well my training has gone I will direct myself right back to this thread. I’m living proof that “newbie gains” last a lot longer than you think if you train properly. I don’t mean to brag, just having a moment of perspective and thought it would make for a good thread. How much better are you this year than last year at reaching your goals?


I went from deadlifting zero pounds at the start of this year to 585 on an axle at the start of the month and 495x10 as of yesterday.

Gotta love post surgery PRs.


I increased my OHP by 40 pounds, but, I was so weak in that lift, that any improvement was better than nothing. Numbers are still so low, I dont want anyone to die of laughter.


August 2015

Bodyweight about 210-215 lbs with pretty nasty elbow tendinitis in both arms

Squat 484 lbs wrapped/440 lbs sleeves
Bench press 253 lbs
Deadlift 561 lbs
Press 154 lbs if I was lucky

August 2016

Bodyweight 215 lbs, elbows pretty much 100%, tendency for right shoulder to get a little cranky if I don’t activate my upper back properly before pressing

Squat 500 lbs sleeves/haven’t squatted in wraps since March when I hit 517 lbs
Bench press 297 lbs
Deadlift 583 lbs
Press 192 lbs


Agree with this. I was able to make gains in my lifts more or less linearly over 2 years when I started lifting again after a long layoff because I was consistantly gaining weight at a reasonable rate.

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Truth. So many teenagers come on these boards weighing less than 160 lb calling themselves intermediates asking about advanced training methodology. I know there is enough training information out there to make one’s head spin so I get it. But almost always the answer they need is “follow the program and eat more” but for some reason thats never good enough…


For me. its been one of the worst training for size and strength in my life. Went on a conditioning kick for several months . Along with dealing with a rash of ouches.

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Weight: 185lbs
Squat: 170kg
Bench: 110kg
Deadlift: 495lbs x 2-3

Weight: 195lbs (but fatter!)
Squat: 190kg, 405lbs with a 2 second pause in the hole
Bench: 130kg, 100kg x 9
Deadlift: 505lbs x 5, 545lbs x 2-3

It’s been slow but steady. I’m pretty lazy (but consistent) about training and downright terrible with lifestyle so I’ll take whatever I can get.

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ehhh not as much as I’d have liked to be honest. Plan is to finish the year an ever-so-slightly pudgy 210lbs, then cut the fat in the spring of next year.

It’s going to be interesting to see how lean I can stay doing so. I’ve been that heavy in the past but it was a bit sloppy, so I’m hoping I can get there much leaner this time and not have to cut as much.

Force feeding’s starting to get me down. I keep telling myself only 6 more months but 6 months is fucking ages so it doesn’t really make me feel that much better.

The only lift I really care about at the moment is my front squat. I made good progress at the start of the year and thought I’d be good for a 400lber by xmas, but progress has come to a grinding (pun!) halt so I dunno about that.

So not much, basically.


Just a beginner, but started back in March after taking 4 months off. (The first go I had at this I had no idea what I was doing, screwed up royally! ) April 22 started 5/3/1 for Hardgainers.
BP 45
Squat 65
DL 150
MP 55

Now sitting at
BP 75
Squat 105
DL 165
MP 60

Might not sound like much to anyone else. But, I am very proud of how far I have come in the last few months.
I really fucked myself up last year.
I am hoping to get back to 180 ( or more) on my DL by the end of the year.

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I definitely improved, things are going pretty well since early 2014, which was the year when some osteopath made a big breakthrough in my back treatment. Back alignment, knees and elbows inflammation and such are pretty much the limiting factors for progress for me.

If that stuff is alright then I am progressing as much as my genetics and natural status allows me and everything is great and alot of fun. I don’t care about the rest. Numbers don’t even matter, for me it’s all about increasing them in a bodybuilding concept.

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Last June:
Bodyweight 73 kgs
Deadlift 120 kgs
Squat 110 kgs
Bench Press 92.5 kgs
Military Press : - ( I didn’t train it)

This year
Bodyweight 66/67 kgs
Deadlift 150 kgs
Squat 140 kgs
Bench Press 100 kgs
Military Press 75 kgs

And I’ve actually had my best progress since newbie gains in the period between April and June
( Deadlift ,Bench, Military Press increased 10 kgs , while Squats increased by 20 kgs)

i missed this thread the first time around. but i’m all for reviving it.

In the past year, all of my powerlifting numbers have either stayed the same or gone down. I went from being good for approximately 560(unwrapped)/390/610 to 560/370/590. This can be attributed (fairly obviously) to the fact that my focus has been strongman, and those numbers are good enough for my weight class. I am weighing about 10 lbs less than what I was when I was good for those numbers. I’m weighing mid to high 190s right now.

I’ve improved in other areas though. My log press went from around 170 or 180 max to 270 in the last year. Axle probably improved a little less, but still by at least 50 lbs. I went from a previous 315 front squat max to a tested 405, and was probably good for more(also unwrapped). I’m stronger in all the carries by a huge margin from where I was. Probably added a full 100 lbs to my max atlas stone from the first time i tried it.


Had ups and downs. Squat from a year ago went up 20 lbs to 560 then got hurt and I’m probably about 550 now. Bench remained about the same while dealing with shoulder pain 370 paused. Deadlift took off like a rocket going from 620 to 710. gained about 4-5 lbs. I feel like now my lifts are back on track again and starting to move well. I’ve never had them all feeling good at once so hopefully I can keep them moving.


I don’t feel like I’ve improved much but I’m on track to be at least the same or a little stronger on most lifts (except on bench press) but at a lower body weight 10-15lbs less.

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I made some decent lower body gains the past year as well as my Oh Press. Bench didn’t go far though…

Barbell Work

  • High Bar Squat: 365 to 400
  • Oh Press: 215 to 225
  • Bench Press: 315 (touch and go) to 320 (paused)
  • Deadlift: 500 to 550

Kettlebell Work

  • Accomplished the Simple goals from Simple & Sinister with my 80 pound kettlebell (5x10 1 arm swings with each arm in under 5 minutes, 5x1 TGU with each arm in under 10 minutes)
  • Performing Clean & Jerk Ladders with my 106

Ever since my second son was born in March I have been focusing more on kettlebell lifts and barbell work has become secondary since I can only get to the gym twice a week at the most. Probably when August rolls around I may start focusing more on the big 4 barbell lifts again but right now I’m just having fun with my kettlebells at home and spending more time with the family!!

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Last 6 months

Well done on the weight loss. I’m on the other end of the spectrum.

I’ve put on 35 kilos over a year. My total has gone up 247 kilos as well so that sort of balances it out.

Thanks. Ehh, you’re a powerlifter it’s all good. Plus you’re young. I’m getting to be too old to have the excess baggage, lol.

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Summer 2016:

Deadlift 1x500
Back Squat 0x0
Front Squat 0x0

Summer 2017:

Deadlift 1x550 (more coming…)
Back Squat 1x410 (more coming…)
Front Squat 1x330 (more coming…)

EDIT: changed to reflect a squat PR I hit later that day…