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How much GYNO is noticeable

I had a hormone problem about a year ago (nothing drug/workout related, I am just one of those lucky individuals) and I have a small lump of gyno probably the size of a quarter in each pec. I am wondering, if you are at 8-10% bodyfat, will it be that noticeable?


I think the question is subjective since all people are different. However, I had a buddy who did one cycle of roids a while back and had the same issue you are having. He was about 12% or so and it was noticeable. He went to a doc on an outpatient basis and had it removed from both sides during an afternoon.

The kewl part is that it was covered by his insurance and only cost him a $10.00 co-pay. If it bothers you and you have insurance you might look in to having it removed :slight_smile:

I really can’t give you an answer for this, but I’ve read on other boards and sites that topical yohimbine products seem to help with this. Keep in mind though, the only way to get rid of gyno is surgery.