How Much Green Tea Extract?

how much should one take per day to aid in fat lose.

300-600mg of a 95% extract that has 50% EGCg taken twice a day, three times if you want to push it.

The pharmakinetics are such that you need to consume around 300-400mg to get a reasonable increase in blood levels as this overcomes the saturation point of the enzymes that remove the compound from the body. Taking up to 600mg has some increases in the AUC for the compound in the blood, beyond that you would not see significant improvements.

This is not that much of a ‘feel’ supplement, but if you are well rested and relaxed, you will notice some very slight nootropic effects as well as the increased energy levels that it has in all but the most overtrained people.

If you are considering three doses, only do so if you are taking at least 400mg per dose, otherwise, you would be better off splitting the third dose into the first two to take advantage of the increased blood levels.

I dont believe there is an established ceiling. I would start with at least 1 gram of EGCG and go from there.