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How Much Glucosamine?


OK, just got some Glucosamine Sulfate and accidentally got the powder kind. The reason Im taking it is I just started the new Waterbury Program (High Frequency System) and have had some minor knee and back problems in the past. Im hoping this and fish oil will help keep the joints healthy.

 So my question is, how much of this should I take every day and is there any time of day thats best? Breakfast, PWO Surge, Dinner etc.? The label says 2 grams a day (half teaspoon), but I know sometimes what I hear around here (/what really works), is different from what the bottle says. (Ex. 6000+ mg fish oil many people on here take and the 500-1000 recommended on the bottle) Any help is appreciated.


2g's should be fine, just don't expect to see quick results with it. It takes time.

You might want to add some anti-inflammatories in there, like MSM, or celedrin as well as some salmon oil if you have associated pain.


Agreed. If money's tight, some people do just fine with 1g/day also, but if it's not an issue 2 should be just fine.



I've always heard that the recommended dose is 1500mg per day, and 1200mg of chondroitin if you're taking that also. That's what I take, and it seems to work well. Of course, I take it in pill form so I don't know if that makes any difference. As for timing, I take my entire dose before bed.