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How Much Gear?

I posted a similar thread just now in this forum about how many calories it takes and eating strategies for mass, but this is about how much gear it takes to put on pro-bodybuilder size.

I’ve read of people getting pretty large (up to 250lbs) on less than a gram/week and people who actually are huge (275-300lbs) that take around two to three grams/week of gear. I’ve also read anecdotal reports of professional and pro-am bodybuilders taking huge blitz cycles around contests upwards of seven grams/week.

I am 6’2" 235-240lbs ~10%bf. I’ve taken up to 2g/wk of a number of compounds, and separately of just straight test, and I didn’t budge more than five pounds in weight (obviously a calorie issue–see my other thread “Getting enough calories”).

Obviously gear and calories are inseparable for huge mass, but say I would like to achieve 260 lbs 10%bf (gain of 20-25 lbs), does it really take massive amounts of steroids as many would have you believe? I’m already pushing 6000calories per day to maintain.

Any advice on this question or gear requirements for pro/pro-am bodybuilders would be appreciated.

On a side note, I began taking HRT some time ago an have no issues with constant cycling. Do the pros ever come off, or do they need to stay on to maintain that size? I don’t intend to get Ronnie Coleman big, but it would be nice to maintain some decent size year around. What are people’s views on bridging or cycling to help with receptor downgrade? Thanks.

A lot of it is that famous word genetics as well and people’s individual response’s to gear. I was 220lbs @ 5’9" before I ever touched gear. I know some guys who’ve done 4-5 cycles and still aren’t 220lbs.

Also some guys put on 20lbs in 3 months on just 500mg of Test. Others use well over a gram and are lucky to gain 6-8 lbs over the same duration. Without question its a diminishing return cycle of always needing more gear to achieve less results than last time but the point is you can solely judge off your own personal results.

For me personal there was a tangible difference for my body at 750mg of Cyp and 450mg of Deca EW versus 500/300. So I grow quite well of 1200mg’s a week of gear. Not as well as some on 500mg’s but better than others taking 2G’s. Again, I think we can only truly compare ourselves to ourselves.