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How Much Gear to Save Before Blasts?

How many weeks of Dr trt dose Do you keep as back up before you start saving it for you next cycle?. I have a three months back up supply.

Well how many weeks do you want to blast for? What dose do you want to use? What dose are you on now? Take all that, do the math, and you’ll know how much you need to save

How are you saving? I’ve only been on a few months but my scripts are pretty tight to what I’m dosed?

@dptfit My pharmacy over fills the vials maybe 1mL per 10mL vial, and I use slin pins so there is nothing lost to dead space in the needle. Over time, I have built up a backlog of about 20 mL that I’m holding on for the right time to blast with.

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What’s the concentration? If it’s 100 mg/ml then you need to save up for about 5 yrs :^ )


With dose changes and switching doctors. Some times he writes for 90 days which means there’s an extra 150 per 90 days. I have 9 almost 10 200mg/ ml. So I can run a 350 cycle but then no back up. I’m not in the know at this gym to ask who’s sells

@dragon1952 It’s 200mg/mL. I’ve been on for about 5-6 years.

I thought I was responding to the OP…sorry.

Ten 10ml vials @200mg/ml would give you 20000 mg. A 12 week cycle @500 mg/wk would only use up 6000 mg.

You could also just buy more testosterone. Much less math involved.

Not 9x10 200mg/ml. I have 9 1ml vials and ten after next refill. Don’t know any one to buy from. Not big on online order. Also wouldn’t be opposed to trying 20mg dbol on top of my trt like you have before IRON yuppie

That amount is pretty useless as far as blasting goes. You’d need 5-6 weeks at a decent dose just to get your levels up to where you could start to reap some benefit, and then another 4-6 weeks more at least on top of that, and 350/wk is borderline enough.