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How Much Gains Will I Make in a Month?

I want everyone at school to notice my gains. Everyone teases/disses me about my body and says il never be muscular so im wondering once school goes back if il have much gains?
Im aussie so school goes back feb 1st and i have a month to make some serious gains.
Im just wondering how much i can expect to gain in a month and how bigger all my muscles will get


? Thanks but that’s no specific @Tepford

How are you tracking your progress?

I have been shitty at the gym but i have a program and am starting monday and i have a high protein and alot of food planned out for what i have in the house. Also i have whey,casein and creatine but the creatine im not using for a while.
My question is how much mass i can put on or in one month it wont be very noticeable? @Tepford

What are you going to do differently with your training depending on the answer you get here?

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Well theres no such thing as a magic program to give me 21 inch arms or huge legs instantly so Nothing its just a general question as to if i can make much gains in a month that will be noticeable @T3hPwnisher

Obviously you are school-aged. The first step toward this improvement is to lessen the impact others’ words or opinions have on you. If you are going to base your happiness/satisfaction on outside opinions, you’ll never be happy.

Set a goal. Pursue that goal. You’ll be more “impressive” on the journey.


Thanks forghe advice but im not just looking for outside peoples views just itl be nice to be noticed lol.
I used to be really fat then i started playing footy and basketbal lots of sports etc.
Then i starting lifting weights and found what i love doing.
I have a goal for 2017 its to put on ten kilos of muscle…
But i just want to know how much muscle mass i can gain in a month of proper training and say what can i expect to gain on shoulder size etc.
So from one month will they be much more noticeable?
That is the basics of what my post is referring to.

You will be 3 months further ahead if you start now vs 3 months from now.


My wife and I just talked about this last night. Not about an Aussie looking to put on mass, but in progress versus goals.

My wife hangs up a sheet with her goals so anyone that comes in our house can see.

We also have a “feats” wall in our workout/game room. All of us (kids, wife, me) put a stuff up there. My oldest does track and swimming. He puts all of his PRs up there. My younger kids put their scores on the school PE test. We put how many books we read in a year or month. Grades, tests scores, checkers record, etc… If one of us sets a PR, we mark it.

I believe you need both. When we get pissy about not being able to set a PR or meet a goal, we can look back and see that while the goal itself is still months or years away, we’ve already gotten so much closer.

Thus marks the end of my pretentious speech. Good luck.


It’d be funny if y’all were talking bout an aussie looking to put on mass. What a weirdly specific topic that would be.

@duketheslaya or you can just work towards being the most jacked dude in your batch during graduation, that works too.



You need to re think things… if your looking for validation from your class mates as the prime motivation for what your doing you will not last very long to actually be successful in your pursuit.

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How much gains will you make in a months

Less than you’ll make in 2,and even less than you’ll make in 24.So find a good program and train for years

If you could get seriously big in a month or two every kid that got bullied would join a gym and rip his bullies apart after a month or two,but how often do you see that happening?

As people pointed out though,your perception of you impacts the way others view you way more than your biceps.Of course,a better body can boost your self esteme but at the end of the day you gotta get proud of who you are