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How Much Fructose for Liver Glycogen?



Forgive me if I haven't got this quite right, but do you still like to ingest fructose/fruit first thing in the morning to replenish liver glycogen (preferentially before muscle glycogen) and 'setup' your metabolism for the day?

If so, how many grams of total fructose would you recommend to do this?

BTW, if it matters, I am currently eating 3 or 4 bits of fruit pretty much everyday first up in the morning and just wanna make sure I am not overdoing the fructose.

If anyone else can help please feel free...



When trying to add muscle mass I'm a big fan of fruits. The liver stores roughly 50g of glycogen, but since this is rarely depleted (especially during a mass gaining phase) you probably need something like 15g of fructose per day (keep in mind that most fruits contain less than 60% fructose) per day.


So one can get away with a small banana first thing (I know it's mainly glucose but for this very reason it's a good way to kick-start your day) and say 125 gms of blueberries?

If memory serves, CT said that he eats around 250 gms of fruit first thing.


It depends on what you mean by "get away"... I see nothing wrong with either a lot of fruits, including bananas provided that you are in mass gaining phase, have your total caloric intake in check and are monitoring your body composition changes.

Now, when it comes to losing fat, it will depend on many variables. Some people can get super lean either 400g of carbs per day, others need to drop down to 100 or less. Obviously if you can get lean with 400g of carbs then you have more room to throw a banana in there. On the other hand, if you need to drop down to 60-70g of carbs per day to get lean, and a banana gives you 30-35g of carbs, then you don't have much to play with.


Great info, thanks Coach.

My goal is cut-up a bit and convert the ol' 4pack to a tight 6pack...
So, if I'm using 3 'low' carb days (of approx 60-100grams) per week in between my 4 'medium' carb strength training days (approx 250-300 grams with much of that peri workout via SWFuel), would I be ok to start all of those days with around 40-50grams fructose and 30-50grams glucose from fruit?

...and, would you pulse first with MAG-10 and l-leucine then eat the fruit or the other way around?

Using this approach hopefully keeps my leptin levels from getting too low.

Thanks again,