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How Much for this Weight Equipment?

So I recently upgraded to better bars and got some standard weights with it. Now I have my jumbo sized weider plastic plates, a straight bar, and an EZ bar that are taking up space.

They have the usual scratches and the bars have light rust. How much should I sell these for? I would give them away but I don’t know anyone who weightlifts. The list of things I no longer need are:

EZ Bar
Weider Straight Bar (not great quality)
4 4 kg plastic plates
4 6.5 kg plastic plates

How much do you think I should sell these for?

$20 max. Personally I’d give it away, it’s pretty worthless unless ez bar is half decent.

Give it to some deserving kid.

Just put it on craigslist for free.

Donate to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Then get the tax receipt and write the stuff is worth a couple hundred dollars.

Donate them to an inner city high school or local community center.