How Much For My Frame???

Hey everyone.Heres my stats im 21 years old been lifting serious only about 6 months…im only 5’4 suck but what can ya do right?..anyways.heres the thing.I was doing good with cutting weight to achieve my definition.I lifted dumbbells an used a bowflex.I use a home gym.Litterly.I buy my own equipment.So i recently got a Ez bar an been lifting with that for about 3 days.

Im getting large sterch marks now an loosing my definition i had before.what am i doing wrong im lifting the same weight but with the easy bar plus dumbbells.I use the bowflex for warming up an to do my cable rows for my back an lats.any suggestions i’de appreciate.

It’s hard to tell you what you’re doing wrong with only that information. What’s your routine and diet right now, how much do you weigh, pics?

The dumbbells are good, I’d say sell the bowflex and buy a bench, olympic barbell, and squat rack (but you are 5’4, you might be able to use the bench press as a squat rack, just kiddin)

but without more info that’s the only advice I can give you, actually, squats and milk.


did you start eating any differently? it’s not like 3 days of curling can make you lose definition…

How about you start doing some other exercises?

Ive been lifting heavier an with the EZ bar.Im dieting.Im eating chicken,tuna,hamburg,corn,salads,bananas,only supplement i use pre workout an post is Syntha-6 from BSN.I am in the process of cutting an don’t know if im lifting right for that.i do standing curls with dumbbells an EZ bar,i bench press ez bar,preacher curls,cable pulls for back.An front legs lunges for legs.