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How Much For Bent Over Rows?


How much weight are you all using for this exercise?

I never see anyone using that much at all in my gym. Maybe like 135lbs max. I do a warm up with 135 then another with 225 then I hit 275 for 10 reps, 315 for 5 or 6 (not using big Ronnie's form), then back down to 225 but I bend over almost parallel to the floor and do as many as I can with a good squeeze and a 1 second hold at the top.

Just wondering how I match up strength wise to everyone else.


I used to do Yates rows with a max of 175x3. After realizing they were Yates rows and not traditional bent-over rows, I went down to 145x5. Every rep is explosive for both cases.


Yates rows? Is that with an underhand grip? I'll have to watch his "Blood and Guts" video again. He tore his bicep with those, but he admits it was all ready weakened by over training. His advice "don't train your biceps 3 times a week"


I used to do underhand, and I abandoned that a long time ago. More recently, I was still rowing with a 45 degree back (this is the Yates row I was talking about). Now I row almost parallel to ground.


I've gone as heavy as 265 for reps, but to be honest, there's always that slight cheat at the beginning of each rep to get it going. Of course most of the people I see using more than 225lbs for rows are practically standing upright! I usually stay around 205, 225 if I'm feeling good or it's early in the workout.

I'd rather get quality over just trying to impress people anyday,.. of course I've been training 14 years now, try telling a newbie or ego trainer that he's "lifting" too much weight.



At a 45 degree angle i can do 245 for 3x8. I do have to use straps however. It has been a couple months since I last did bent over rows.


To clarify my rows at 315 are at a 45 degree angle also with stapes. The ones at 275 are lower with a better contraction.


Well, I'll probably be one of the lower weights...I'm using 160ish (can't remember, rotating with tbar's right now).

...Leaves to continue the long uphill battle know as Hypertrophy...

-Brazen T


            Great post. So true Stu...perfect.
                   good job all you guys, and looks like you're at the top ol Hagar...!


                 Guys, what postition is easier on the lower back in your opinions? 45 degree at waist, or parallel?

                I want to make absolutely sure I'm doing these in the best form before I start to get aggressive with the weight....You guys can feel me on that right?

               Sorry to throw the mini hijack Hagar!!



225, parallel, pronated grip.


    Nice Krobzilla...


Nice kroby. Do you ever go to a 45 degree angle?


I work hard on low bar full squats every week without a belt and always found adding serious bent over barbel rows to overtrain my low back. Occasionally I will go all out on them and make them the first lift of a workout and build up to sets of 275 in the 6 to 8 range or 315 in the 2 to 5 range with either straps or a mixed grip.

Personally I prefer heavy weighted chins as my regular staple for my low rep ranges and dumb bell rows for my medium ranges since my gym only has dumb bells up to 120.


No prob TB. I definitely feel less strain the more towards parallel I go. I also vary my grip somewhat and bring the bar up to different sections of my torso. For example my last set with 225 I go a little bit wider, parallel, and I bring the bar to my lower pecs. It just hits the back muscles in a different way.


Nah. I see the guys at the gym doing that... sort of a short ROM supinated row at 45 degrees.

Parallel stretches the hammies and keeps a lot of tension on the spinal erectors. Good for deads.


And vice versa.