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How much for amp of sust


hey guys just wondering if $16 an amp of sust 250 is normal (canadian)


That's not too bad of a price if it's real sustanon ampules. But on the other hand, to pay more than $10 for 1ml of Testosterone is rediculous.


any tips to tell if its real sust?


$16.00 an amp is an average price... Tren freak lives in Cali and is close to Mexico so granted he'll spend a little less on gear than you in Vancover. also with exchange $10 us almost works out to $14 canadian. Obviously the guy whose selling to you is making a little money, but that is their right, you see it is they who are taking the risk of selling the stuff so they are entittled to take a proffit - like it or not (as long as the gear is legit) you should respect that.


As far as telling if it is real sust, there are plenty of websites out there that have pictures of gear. Do a search. If you are still unsure, post a pic of an amp on here and I will give you my opinion, as I'm sure will others.


True, I do live in Cali and have the option to drive into TJ and get my own gear. Therefor I do now what the REAL prices are on gear, as well as blackmarket. If I myself did not go get my own gear, I'd be paying about $20 per ampule where I live...not that good. But my point is this, Test is Test when it comes down to it. I still do not understand why people insist on getting Sustanon 250 ampules or Redijects. It's simply a waste of money. I'll admit they are human grade and very good, but no better than a good Vet brand such as Denkall. Just a quick example...
Test-400, 400mg/ml 10ml Bottle=$45 for 4000mgs of a test blend, correct??

Sustanon 250, 250mg/ml 1ml ampule/syringe. At $15 bucks a pop in Canada or America it would cost you $240 for 4000mgs of a test blend. Even if you're paying a rediculous amount for Test400 such as $150 a bottle, you're still coming out way ahead.

My point is simply this, every newbie to the game gets told that Sust is the best so therefor they spend rediculous amounts of money on it when just about any other legit brand of Test will provide you with the same results. Just trying to save you some money and nobody told me this when I first started. Had to find out the expensive way


Totally agree with Tren-Freak. Sustanon is becoming so overrated. Test is test and I'll no longer pay "extra" for a blend. Paying $14-$16 sounds the norm, even $20 depending on where you are and how many hands it's been across, with everyone skimming a bit off the top. Personally, I would NEVER pay that much.

As for testing its legitamcy, do a freezer test. Pop an amp into the freezer to see if the oil begins to fog up. With having 250mg of chemical in it, you're getting close to the limit 1ml of oil can hold. The "fogging" affect is the chemical precipitating from the oil. You can also compare it to other amps, such as a lower dosed test amp (ie. 100mg of test Prop) or even Primo. The Susties should cloud up faster, showing a higher concentration of crystals. Good luck.


hey guys, as far as the vet. test that is cheaper how do you go about getting that? You cheat the vet system or just off a dealer?


Vet gear is the most common gear sold pretty much anywhere except Europe. Especially here in the states. And even though it is Vet, the good vet brands are equal in quality to that of any human grade. Denkall is by far the best company out there and their products are the highest quality without a doubt. I'll buy Denkall before I buy Human grade gear. So it's easily available and you don't have to cheat anyone.


just in response to Tren's advice......i am curious as to why many who are new to roids are told that Sustanon is the best to start off with. from what i understand about the drug (which is limited) it contains 4 Test esters, all different in terms of length ( i scientifically it is the # of carbons in the ester). I think it's one long ester, two medium length, and one short, correct me please if im wrong. So, for arguements sake, if one was going to take 250 mgs of Sustanon vs. 250 mgs of a longer acting test, like enanth or cyp....the enanth or cyp would get released more evenly over a week (or longer??) period, while the majority of the sustanon would be released within the first 3-4 days. (I understand that 250 mgs of any test a week is probably not high on anyone's list as worth it). So my question is this.....if one were to frontload sust, would it be any more effective than frontloading enanth or cyp? or would there just be more sust released in the first three or four days??
Plus, pricewise, i def agree with you guys, it doesnt seem to make sense to spend extra money on sust if u can get almost 4x the amount of a cheaper and just as effective test ester.


The reason the newbies gets told this is because of the sides. Yes and No all test is test. Yes it is test but No it's not because if it were we would not all prefer different ones. Some have different sides on different people. Sust is claimed to have less sides and water retention and stated to be fast acting and long acting all at the same time. It was designed for a minimal amount of shots. I recently read on a forum pointed to me by P#22 that a better way to do Sust would be to do it everyday and it makes sense if you are willing to do it. I guess I am one of the brainwashed ones because never before had I had gains like I did on sust but again it was my first cycle so that could be it too. Maybe if I did Enanthate first I would feel the same. Bottom line, just give me anything test that is good and cost effective that gets the job done. I am now starting to branch off into different areas other than vet brands.


Oh and in response to the price, it is actually a pretty good price. I could get them for 10 over the border and Tren and I shop at the same places. So by the time it changed hands etc. It is a fair price to risk ratio.


I typically pay $8-10, for an amp of sus. But I have seen it much higher. Still not as cheap as I get QV cyp though.


per amp, i pay $13 for sust and $16 for primo. IMO test cyp or enanthate from GT is the best buy for the buck.


hey drago, I remember seeing the you are on the east coast here, are you finding it difficult to get real primo here? not asking for any, just curious. Everything by me seems to be fake. The only thing I will have access to is the new primo tabs from QV soon enough, but the price will probably be ridiculous.


Hey Tren if I can get sust for $5 an amp in a rediject why worry about doing the whole look around for vet roids or any other type of test, and the hassle of getting needles and shit.


No, I never said to look around for vet roids...I said the most steroids that are sold here are Vet steroids. If you can get REAL Sust for $5 a ML, go for it. Oh yeah, and with the Redi-jects the needle is a 18gauge 1 1/2 inch needle. Now tell me you WONT look for other needles to use. They hurt good


Here in Pattaya, Thailand a vial of Testoviron, 250 Mg, 1 Ml (enanthate) cost app. 3,50 US$. Quite OK!!

How much does tren costs over there? Here it's very expensive compared to other steroids, app 16 $ for 76 Mg 1,5 Ml.

Thai Anabol is app. 39 $ for 1000 tabs.


jt, my primo comes from europe. i dont deal with locals at all anymore. had a good friend go down about a year ago. i wont even discuss steroids at my gym or around the town i live in anymore. basically the only place i discuss steroids is on the net since i can remain anonymous. and the only place i buy is from a few trusted sources that are WAY out of town. i like the seperation. helps protect them and me.


That is a sweet setup you have,
Totally ideal!