How much food on the t-dawg diet.

How many strips of bacon and eggs in the morning? How many patties with cheese during lunch?

You can’t count calories, big guy? Want Chris and TC to come over and cook for you?

Hey Tek, funny. No, I not counting calories at all. So does your remark imply that I should eat until I get full? Currently eating 4 strips of bacon and 3 eggs not really filling.

carlos: I think a LOT of people think the “T-Dawg” is a license to Pig Out. It aint! TC and Chris made the following comment about the 'Dawg:

“You’ll need to count calories for a few weeks to help you manipulate the diet to fit your individual needs. Keep the macros the same, but toy with the calories until you reach your goal. Then, you could probably eat instinctively.”

So…you have to 1) figure out “roughly” your daily caloric needs 2) Keep the macros about the same (as Chris and TC stated), and divide those cals among the suggested foods and 3)Adjust cals according to your response.

Read the article at T-mag called 'the missing ingredient." That’ll help out. And hopefully convince you you need to keep a food log for a while. Best of luck. But if you do it right, you won’t need luck. :slight_smile:

Food amount and energy is not measured in strips and pieces but in grams/ounces and consequentially calories/kJoules, whatever system your country is using.