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How Much Fish Oil?

Can someone please give me some advice on fish oil. I have read that it’s good to supplement for both joint health and fat loss and they are the two things that are important to me.
I live in oman and cannot find any Biotest products out here at all. I would like to use Flameout, but there is no way of me getting it here and to ship it would cost to mush.

I would like to know how much I should take each day and in what quantites (EPA, DHA).
Thank you.


try the search next time :wink:

Hi dpower.
I had already done a search, but what I was confused with was the % of EPA to DHA.
Flameout has more DHA, whereas all of the others I have been looking at are the other way around.

Carlsons has a brand of fish oil that has higher DHA than EPA. Maybe it will be available in Oman.

So it does matter if i’m taking something that has more EPA than DHA.

Everyone is different. Snag what you can for now and see how it goes for you.

Get some pills/oil and start with a little and work your way up to the amount where you say “I feel pretty good this morning”

That’s what I did and it saved me a lot of money.

Thanks B rock.
I’ll get a hold of what I can and take it from there.

My understanding is that DHA is more closely linked to reducing inflammation, which is why Flameout has a much higher percentage of it than other products.

Sorry to keep going on, but I want to make sure that i’m supplementing right.
I have just found a liquid fish oil (using capsuels would have cost me a fortune).
It is by twinlab and it has a joint EPA, DHA of 900mg per 5 ml.
The EPA is 554mg and DHA is 369mg.
I was going to start taking 5 ml 4x per day.
Is this a good place to start.