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How much fat

Chris Shugart: I am extremely stoked about starting my MAG-10 (probably Monday pending an answer) My hangup is this. I am currently 220 with approx. 12-12.5% BF. Is this to high of a bodyfat percentage to be carrying and go on an overfeed as recommended in Phase II? I really want to max my gains and read in one of Berardi’s articles that the fatter you are the higher % of fat you will gain. Does this also apply when using a supp such as MAG-10, or will I add too much fat? Basically, what should I do, spend a couple of weeks and try to drop a few fat pounds, or follow the protocol and drop the fat after. Also, what is the chance of losing fat while on MAG-10 and overfeeding? Thanks for any input.

Well, keep in mind that you’ll drop some fat in the first stage of the GSP. If you think it’s needed, you could extend Stage 1 for another week or two for more fat loss. I don’t think 12% is too bad though. Shouldn’t be a problem.

As for MAG-10, it’s my experience that when a person is using an anabolic of any kind (steroids, MAG-10, Androsol) that the extra food is put to work and “goes to where it’s supposed to go.” Not scientific I know, but you get the point. I know I can get away with eating a lot more when on an anabolic and not put on fat as I would if I weren’t on something.

Thanks for the reply and for reassuring what I thought. I just wanted to hear it from someone else such as yourself who knows there stuff.