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How Much Fat With T-Dawg V2?


Hello All,

I'm going back on the T-dawg diet for the second time in 12 months in april and I have a couple of questions I want to get right before I start.

1.)Your supposed to times your body weight by 15 to find out how many kcals a day to eat.In my case this=3450kcals a day i.e I weigh 230lbsx15=3450.Now my maintance kcals a day are around 4000 so this would seem about right.However it says to also drop 500kcals after the first week which would put me down to about 3000kcal's a day, 1000 down from maintaince! should I do this or leave it
at 3450kcals a day?

2.)Your supposed to get 70/100g of carbs a day as well as 1.5g of protien per lb of body weight.So in my instance i'd be eating roughly 345g of protien a day and 70g/100g of carbs a day also. Now that leaves the rest of my kcals to come from fat.

I.E 3450 kcals a day

345g of protien=1380kcals a day
70g of carbs=280kcals a day

Which leaves 1790kcals to get from fats! this would mean im eating 198g! of fat a day! is this correct????



1) If you feel 500 cal is too drastic of a decrease for you, only drop it by 250 or so. The goal is to be losing about 1 or 2 pounds of fat a week with this diet so make adjustments off of that.

2) You are correct, the rest comes from fat


Do you think 198g of fat is too much or are you just missing another key and hitting the exclamation mark?

I never understand what makes people thing "x" amount of fat or "x" ammount of carbs. is too much. This diet is based off of consuming fat as the primary caloric intake so that your body use fat as energy.


Well, there's really only one way to find out, huh!

Try it for 2 weeks, analyze your results, and adjust accordingly.



Thank's huge76! Just wanted to check that twas "O.K" to gorge myself on that much oilve oil and nuts! wohoooooooo :-0


It's really good with a straw and a little umbrella...