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How much fat % per week?


I'm currently cutting my BF down to 10% or lower. I think I'm around 20% (Getting it tested tomarrow). What is an average amount of time to lose this, considering I'm on T-dog 2.0 diet and EDT.


Only god knows my friend. There are so many factors,... Diet, Cal intake, Metabolism, Amount of tiem spent working out, What other things you do throught the day. Just do it and be happy when you get the results you wanted.


A good rule of thumb is 1-2 pounds of fat loss per week. There can be variations in this if you are overly fat or if you are using a program like CD/EDT. With a moderate cutting diet, anymore than 2 pounds of weight loss could result in some muscle loss


Infin|ty, professional BB'ers could probably drop 10% in 3 or 4 months. But I guarantee you, they know their bodies and have dieting down to a fine science. And THOSE sorts of results don't come without a price; i.e., extreme dieting (dropping BF quickly) is like walking a tight rope. A little too far one way, and fat loss slows or stops. A little too far the other way and energy levels drop to 'round ankle level, and getting up off the couch to make a meal becomes an effort.

My heartfelt recommendation, infin|ty, is that you enjoy the journey. Make it a lifestyle instead of a diet. Learn your body. Enjoy the changes. Experiment and monitor your progress to see what your body responds best to. Taking the longer, slower route is more likely to ensure your long-term success. Exhaustion, ravenous cravings and muscular fatigue and arrythmias (irregular heartbeat) -- all the result of extreme dieting -- tend to cause high drop-out rates.

So, bottom line, if you weren't trying to figure out the whole game, if you had done it before, I'd say 4 months was a very do-able time frame (if you were willing to pay the high energetic price). Realistically, I'd recommend you plan on 6 to 8 months to achieve your goals.

BTW, I'm glad to hear you're getting your BF tested. Good for you! Are you reading and of the past articles on nutrition and dieting? (grin)


Lose about 1-2 lbs per week. Any more and you can lose a lot of muscle.


yeah, it depends on heaps of factors. whats your weight height age and training age etc???
one pound a weeks is a nice steady pace for long term fat loss with out losing muscle mass, generally....
The first week or so you may drop a bit more due to water loss from reduced carbs, just dont think it will last tho..


check out the constriction contradiction article to figure out your caloric maintanace levels than subtract 1000 calories off for 2 pounds per week. make sure you keep a food log www.fitday.com


Okay, had all my measurements and body fat done today. 6'4", 200lbs, chest: 39", waist: 36 1/2", hips: 42 1/2", thigh: 22 1/4, and 21 1/4, calf: 16 and 15 1/2. Upper arm: 14 and 14 1/4. Forearm 11 1/2 for both.

My BF% is 17.7. I have a BFW of 35.40lbs and a LBM of 164.60lbs. I was 202lbs when I started the T-dog 2.0, I'm now 200. Seems like it's going pretty decent.

I gorged today cause it was my b-day, but back on the diet tomarrow.


If you've got a lot of fat to lose, you can easily drop more than the standard 1-2 lbs of fat per week without losing muscle. It's just less likely to lose size when you're carrying lots of fat.

However, once you get leaner and this is all relative, slow it down. If you are maintaining say 3 lbs per week, you're surely dropping muscle.

For example, a guy I just dieted down for a show started at 229 lbs. Eight weeks later, with no cardio inroduced yet, he was 200 lbs and had set personal bests in all major movements. 30 lbs in 8 weeks is close to 4 lbs per week and I can assure you he lost no muscle.


Awesome, Infinity!!! And the number is even lower than you thought. Even if scale weight doesn't go down that much, if your LBM is increasing (and FM/BF% is dropping), you're gonna be one happy camper!

So revising those numbers, if you're focused, if you do your cardio, adjust your numbers every month or so, have your cheat/carbfest afternoon once a week, I'd say you could drop that BF in 16 weeks.

Hmmmm. A whole new buff body for Christmas? Can't think of a better present. (grin)


Infinity, 200 at 18%, 6'4" and you want to cut? if you get down to 8-10% youre going to look very skinny. Just a thought.


Wouldn't that be nice :slight_smile: At present, this is all from lifting/dieting. I don't do any cardio, but I've been toying w/ the idea of doing some HIIT. Only 7% BF to lose, that's not so much...hehe.


I dont see why you wouldnt be able to put on some muscle while drop fat giving the stats. provided you dont drop the cals to much and dont go over board on the HIIT if you choose to do it.
Actually you should [b]definitely[/b] be able to put on muscle, what the hell am i saying! what lifting program are you doing. whatever it is you should be lifting more each week. as soon as the gains stop coming, revise the situation.
keep us posted


I realize that. But I want to get down to being pretty lean before I bulk up. I'd rather put on more muscle than fat. Plus I've never, ever seen abs, or lost this roll around the midsection, would just be pretty cool to do that for once.


I agree. I think that you can gain some muscle while losing the fat.

Over the last 6 weeks i've dropped 6% BF, equivalent to 15 pounds of BF, and gained 6 pounds of LBM.

Pretty much the scale dropped the first week, and has held steady since then. It can be done, and i've done it on tdawg 2.0 with hotrox, surge and 4-5 workouts/wk plus some HIIT.


Something to consider, also, is taking a week (or more) off from dieting/training. I've been on a seemingly unending quest to drop bodyfat. I've made some pretty decent LBM gains, strength gains and BF drops from working on my own limited knowledge.

However, recently I was convinced (nay, ordered) to take a 2 week break from all training and all dieting. I was instructed to eat pizza, hamburgers, chips, doughnuts, more rice, more yams, and more oatmeal than I've ever eaten before. I feel fairly full to puking full at pretty much all times. And ya know what? I've lost 3lbs in the last week.

Strange, but true.


Interesting, I wonder what caused it. I'm only starting my 2nd week on T-dog, so I'm gonna keep at it. Man, it's going to be wierd to be under 200lbs. Soon as I hit 10% I'm going to bulk like a madman. I may even start taking Creatine. Weeee.