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How Much Fat in a High Protein, High Fat Diet

A couple weeks ago i started a high protein, high fat, low carb diet and it feels awesome. I have a weird obsession with bodybuilders from the 50s-70s, so like there training methods, i also am copying there diets to see how it works out for me. So far, i have a lot of energy. Which is strange because youd think with all the whole wheat and oats etc. that i was eating before wouldve gave me more energy. It seems in this diet the fat is used for energy instead. Maybe my body is particularly good at turning fat into energy?

So anyway im eating cottage cheese in the morning, egg whites, and fruit. For lunch, almonds, cheese, and greek yogurt. And dinner chicken or steak with various lower carb veggies or spinach. I also drink a half gallon of fairlife milk a day. Another thing to note, is amazingly i dont have any gas issues partly due to the lactase in the milk, but even still. Im not bloated or uncomfortable at all and i dont feel the need to snack between meals.

Thats a lot of fat if i do whole milk and full fat cheese and yogurt. At least it seems like a lot. What is an appropriate amount of fat for a diet like this. Obviously this diet is focused around building muscle and keeping fat off and not necessarily super healthy, im aware. But i dont want to intake a rediculous amount of fat. For now im doing all reduced fat, but not fat free as a compromise. But if ill benefit strength/size wise by doing whole fat i will.

So currently with the reduced fat options im getting about 90g of fat, 36g sat fat, and a whopping 305g of protein without any supplements, how do you like that? Thats a lot of protein. more than i need but it goes to show you dont need to spend money on protein powders. But, its a ton of money for milk so it probably adds up the same.

Well it depends, fat is, as you stated, the main energy source. Assuming you are trying to keep carbs around 50 or less grams per day and shooting to get 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight you must make a decision. What is your main goal? And “i want to pack on muscle while shedding fat and getting a 6 pack” is not a goal, trimming down or bulking are goals and sometimes recomping (losing fat while gaining muscle) can happen in the process. All that said, if you want to trim fat, get your carbs right, protein intake right and then fill the rest with healthy fats so that you are in about a 300-500 cal. deficit. For trying to put on lean weight do the same, only a surplus of around 300-500 and probably lean toward the higher protein intake and adjust macros accordingly.

Wait, gaining muscle while losing fat isn’t a goal? Now I’m confused.

If you go very low carb 50g or less/zero carb apart form greens, you can eat a shocking amount of fat and it will just do good things.

-check out Alphas log has a diet like this and pretty much the most impressive guy on this site.

More importantly if youre doing something that makes your body feel awesome -keep doing it!

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I worded that poorly, my apologies. Getting shredded while also packing on muscle is an extremely difficult goal when natural. Recomping will see equal amounts fat and muscle transfer 1:1 assuming your weight stays consistent throughout but being 270 and very pudgy and expecting to drop 100 pounds to see abs while getting 20 inch arms of solid muscle is likely to end in not meeting either goal. If you want to pack on enough muscle that the scale climbs, you must eat a surplus, you want to see the scale drop you must be in a deficit. This is nutrition 101, calories in vs calories out. I meant that expecting more than slight fat reduction at the same time as slight muscle gain is a difficult goal to hope to reach.

All that said, i actually went pure ketogenic when i cut from my ever so disgusting 350 landwhale size to around 240 at my leanest. My diet in that time quite literally consisted of meat, fish, eggs, cheese, butter, olive oil, and coconut oil…I went zero carb, i work them in now but at the time i responded amazingly to almost no carbs whatsoever. Keep in mind, my goal was purely to lose fat but muscle did come along as well as a big strength boost over time (probably at least partly from a big boost in test levels from the healthy fat/ loss of excess body fat). My macros were along the lines of 175 grams of protein daily and the rest was fats, accounting for a 2500 cal a day diet. Remember, fats are your energy source on a low to zero carb eating style so keep your protein high enough to preserve muscle, and dont eat enough to get pudgy and beyond that however much fat you take in is dependent on what you want to go with. Hell, I regularly ate a stick of organic butter and a shot or 2 of coconut oil a day to attain my fat content.