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How Much Fat Do You Eat On High Carb Days?


I read a couple different articles on carb cycling..and I tend to do it myself. I have high days and low days..no medium days. I try to keep fat real low on the high days..and keep it moderate on low days. My question to you guys: Approx. how many grams of fat is acceptable on a high day..a Day that I'm eating 300gs plus of carbs?

It's rare to find foods that aren't atleast somewhat mixed meals..Unless I prepare chicken and rice...or oats and egg whites..for the most part things are partially mixed. Especially if you go out and eat somewhere. I follow LeanGains and he recommends low fat on high days..but never gives a gram guideline per lb of bodyweight. Shelby has an article on here showing the basic outline of carb cycling and keeps fat pretty low even on lower carb days...

Typically if I eat really high carb my fat intake is in the range of..20-50gs ...50gs max depending on if I ate out somewhere that day..and usually more so around 25-35gs.


I think you are more than fine with those numbers.

edit: something to keep in mind with Shelby's numbers is the way he counts macros. You only count the fats added to a meal and not those found in the protein or carb source.


yeah that sounds about right


I just noticed this edit..hm..so only the olive oil I add to my salad. OR say..the cheese on a pizza etc? He really wouldn't count the fats in a burger??..I mean the fats in the burger patty itself..?


i think the incidental macros tend to be more protein/ carb. such as the carb's and protein in peanut butter, or the protein in rice.

since fats are very calorically dense, its a good idea to keep an eye on them but for instance, i don't think he would count the fat in oatmeal (3.5g per serving).

if your goal is strength and hypertrophy, i wouldn't nitpick the macros. if your goal is fat loss, then I would be a lil more conscious.


Shelby only advocates lean meat choices. The 'don't count fat in a hamburger patty' doesn't work, because he wouldn't advocate a hamburger patty. His food choices are always lean, turkey/chicken, 95% lean beef mince, eggs in a ratio of 1 whole to 5 whites (by memory).

But yeah, stuff like carbs in peanut butter and fat in oatmeal he just ignores.


Figured such..I was referring to 90/10 ground sirloin..or at worst 80/20 ground beef...

90/10 seems pretty reasonable, IMO.