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How Much Fat Can You Burn?


Hey guys,

Some of you might have read my earlier thread. I'm trying to cut the fat that I gained after stopping with boxing, which is a lot, aprox 26% bf at 89 kg (last measured in january, by myself and some calipers, so a newbish measurement lol).

I'm 20yo, was 89kg and 182 (6ft).

Anyway, I was wondering how much fat I actually burned in a week.

On 28 January I started to get serious:
-Waistsize 104cm
-Weight 89kg

  • 6 days later - (Leangains = 16/8 fast; though water I do drink during the 16hr, and 3 weightlifting sessions, multiple walks and 3 calisthenics intervals later)

On 4 Februari:
-Waistsize 101cm
-Weight 87.5kg

Now that can't be right can it? Is that mostly LBM or what? Or do I perhaps burn more fat since my bf% is so high? Because I read somewhere that you can ONLY burn 0.5 kg of fat (= 1 lb) per week..


Some of it was probably from having less food in your stomach. However, I only say that because it was your first week 'getting serious' with the dieting, not because that's a particularly large number. Wherever you read that you can ONLY burn 0.5kg of fat per week, stop reading there.


And water weight of course. When bodyfat is relatively plentiful the body will use it for energy readily. As fat stores diminish the body has an increasing tendency to use muscle for energy unless measures are taken to counteract. Limiting your fat loss to 1 lb/week by not going overly hypocaloric is one of those measures.

You're pretty safe until you try to get under 12%, from my experience.


Agreed, the more fat you have the faster you can lose it. I've seen a lot of overweight people drop tons and tons of fat in a short amount of time. But once you get under about 12% it's gotta slow down or you'll end up chewing up some muscle.


So I should not worry about my body chewing up muscle until I reach my goal? Which is to drop from 26% to 15% bf by May.

Is that possible btw without it interfering with my studies?


you ought to post some pictures of yourself, @ 200 lbs and 6ft, 26% BF is pretty freakin high..


Hey thank's for your reply. But I don't get the value of it? What would posting my pics change to the situation? Not to be cheesy, but I'm kind of reserved of posting half naked pics of myself on the internet (even if I blurr out my face).

Besides, I think the +/- 26% bf is pretty accurate, judging by the circumference of my belly and some (though amateurish) calipher readings I took.


Id rather not see pictures of a random skinny fat dude. And Im sure I speak for many.


Thank's for your informative response, appreciated!

(PS: nobody is forcing you to view the thread/ or to post.)