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How Much Exercise Variety is Really Required in Bodybuilding?

The last few months I’ve been running HST, which is basically fullbody 3xweek selecting just one exercise per body part (8 exercises in total, including a curl and a calf raise variation)

While many factors may be implied in how good the progression in my physique was (a good structured plan, a good diet)…

I wonder why virtually every bodybuilding routine has a wide exercise selection (3+ per muscle group) or at least rotates 3+ exercises, if progression can be so damn good with less exercises (which I think leads to a better technical mastery as well)

Now, I get the point about developing a more proportional and symmetrical physique… But does it really matter unless you’re already quite advanced?

Heavily dependent on the individual…


Nailed it. lol. There’s you answer. It DOESN’T.

By the time you get there, the answers will present themselves. Of course you still have to do your homework of figuring out exactly what to do and how much, but that takes just a few hours of research. It won’t be rocket science.

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I’ve seen plenty of BBers make great progress with the most basic programs and little change if ever over years and year, and I’ve seen plenty of BBers that need to incorporate a whole assortment of movements to develop a decent physique.

Often times, the second group involves more performance, or structural issues that need to be worked around because once you get down to it, the majority of skeletal muscles don’t really need crazy angles or ridiculous performance notes in order to stretch, contract, and work intensely enough to stimulate growth. (puts on a flame suit before people who love their “fitness authors” attack -lol)



LOL. I think you nailed it.