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How Much Energy System Work

Off the bat by cardio I mean energy system training; whether it be HIIT or whatever (it just didnt fit in the topic as nicely).

The “Junk Training” article got me thinking about cardio and I was just curious how much energy system work others do when bulking.

I personally do HIIT 2-3 times a week. My reasoning is that their are numerous health benefits that one gets from ET that one cannot get from RT(read: Eric’s newest article). From a health standpoint therefore it seems like the ‘smart’ thing to do.

Some people say that when bulking they dont want to burn the extra calories. My question is does the few hundred cals you burn in a hiit session really matter THAT much? A good protein shake or bowl of oats could easily make up for the calories burned.

Anyways I would just like to hear everyone elses opinion on the topic.

I apologize is this topic has been beaten like a dead horse. If it is specifically covered in any articles you are aware of feel free to drop a link.