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How Much EFA Is Too Much?

If I’m having 30% of my cals be fat, that means i need to take in 100g of fat a day. If I were to use 1-3 tbsp of flax or Udo’s choice (a multi EFA oil), would that be too much EFA’s a day?

(about 15g of EFA per tbsp)

Nope. I do 3 tbs a day of flax, and I take 8 fish oil capsules a day. Haven’t been sick in almost a year and a half, and my cholesterol levels are ridiculously healthy.

I’d say up it my good man.

Mitch, I think what you’re probably talking about are JB’s guidelines that 33% of your fat intake/calories should be EFAs, 33% saturated fat and 33% monunsaturated fat. If that’s the case, roughly 33g should come from EFAs. Since 1 tablespoon is 14-15g, you should take in 2 to 2.5 tablespoons of EFAs per day.