How much (dues) for MMA/Boxing gyms?

I’ve been out of the game for several years. When I was training BJJ/Muay Thai, I knew the owners of the gym and paid a ridiculously cheap price. I’ve since moved, so no deals for me. How much should I expect to pay and what, if any amenities do the gyms offer (weights, cardio machines, access to heavy bags outside of class times)?

Depends a lot on your area and what the gym offers. I used to go to a boxing gym that didn’t even have running water but had a couple really good coaches and turned out some good fighters, $10 a month. Been to “MMA” gyms where you’re getting instruction only slightly better than the UFC video game for a couple hundred bucks. My current gym is $50/mo for unlimited training, has a very successful grappling/MMA competition team and any time you want to go in and train you can find someone to work with you (I’ve driven through town at 2am and seen folks on the mats). But we’re in a pretty low income area and everything is cheaper here. Lots of variance.

If you want boxing go to a boxing gym. If you go to an mma/boxing gym the instructor might be legit but you never know since putting mma on the storefront has become a marketing ploy. It also allows the owner to charge more than what most boxing gyms charge.

Here in CT Marlon Starling will charge you $50 for an hour of training. There are BJJ instructors who charge 2 to 4 times that. What I’m getting at is that a lot of it is about fads, marketing, and what people perceive something to be worth because of that. All of these people who go to “mma” gyms when boxing gyms have always been around and are normally very inexpensive.

Hey Dj - great to see you back man! We have to talk, it’s been a long while. Hope the career is going alright.

That being said - my boxing gym is $70 a month, and that’s for 2 two-hour technique classes on Monday and Friday, strength and conditioning on Tuesday and Friday, and open sparring on two other days.

Plus, you can pretty much go get a workout in when you want once they know you a bit.

Well worth it. There’s cheaper ones in Paterson or Newark … but then you gotta go to Paterson or Newark. And depending on who you are and what you want, that’s not worth it.

BJJ tends to be pretty expensive, and you should expect to pay $90-$150 a month, the higher-end for something like unlimited training at a school with a name behind it.

Muay Thai seems to really vary, and you often find it under that same roof as other martial arts, but I usually see $50-$90 a month for unlimited.

Judo tends to be cheaper $30/40 a month where you can find it.

Boxing seems pretty variable, in large part because the culture behind it is different, so you might pay a pretty low rate for gym access, and maybe there are setup sparring times, or times when trainers will be around, but I don’t see too many “Boxing Classes” going on, so you might see a low rate for gym access, but then end up either needing to make friends or pay for private instruction to really get much out of it.

Other than the really well established “MMA Gyms” in my area, I tend to avoid places with MMA in their name/marketing. Lots of TMA schools have their instructors learn a little grappling and call it MMA.

My $.02

training mma in thailand, roughly $250/month for muay thai, bjj, and mma