How Much Does Your Push Add To Your Press?

Simple question.

I can press 75kg / 80kg for 5 reps.
BUT I can push press 105kg for 3-4 reps.

Is it normal for your push press to be be almost 40% heavier than your press? Or do I have a good leg drive / weak bottom part of the lift?

Cant answer this because I dont do either movements right now. Tagging in some guys who do. @Koestrizer @Cyrrex @dagill2 @T3hPwnisher @strongmanvinny2 @aldebaran

240-245 strict, probably 280-290 push…ish, but my leg drive sucks.

275lb push-press
230lb press

Probably could learn better form on both lifts.

Don’t worry, I’ve seen Oly lifters push press nearly double what they strict press.

That said, having a big strict press is cool and everyone should have one.


82.5kg strict and 100kg push so a 21% difference. Probably the easiest way to figure out what is causing the big discrepancy for you compared to others is doing a heavy set on strict press and seeing what portion of the lift you slow down the most on.

I’d think your press is a little low given your push press. Typical is probably closer to 85%. Could be weak in bottom of lift as you said, or good leg drive. Do you do olympic lifting and/or have a good vertical by chance?

I tried this once and couldn’t push press more than i strict pressed. 99% sure it was just a technique issue but I found it funny. I also tried to do rack pulls one time and couldn’t even get close to my normal deadlift working weight.

Strange bird.

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140 kg (308 lbs) with leg drive
101 kg (222 lbs) strict log (I haven’t maxed out barbell, I’d guess 102,5-105 kg)

When I could push press 105 kg for 3-4, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t rep 80 kg strict.

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Representing the small folk, if I am paying equal attention to both then my push press wiill be about 20 to 25 kilo higher than strict.

I expect some of the variance people have will be related to their specific sticking points. I am weak off the chest, but my squats are very explosive at the top so it offsets.


@hugh_gilly bottom 25%. I go right down these days.
I get to chin level (starting at my chest) and just fail. If I get it past there I stall at my forehead. I did get a load of help from @flipcollar about a year back that got me a bit higher. But I’ve not done strict for a while and seem to have made 0 progress. I mean my log has come on 30kg in the mean time so give and take.

Thanks for every one for replying BTW. I think I can say - its not a hard and fast rule. I think my strict is a bit low. I’ve not done strict for a while so maybe I’m just out of practice. I will find out I guess as I spend 6 weeks working on it a bit more.


Absolutely. Nor does the difference really matter, especially not if you’re looking to compete.
It can be helpful to have a massive strict press like @T3hPwnisher in a comp in case you’re legs are already fatigued from previous events or just to conserve some energy (using bigger muscles = more energy spent) but It’s not like you’re ever forced to do a strict press just because.

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For me leg drive is everything. But I am massively quad dominant.

Strict press 75kg
Push press 105
Jerk 115

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Yeah - I think where I’ve been doing log for so long my press suffered. But it will come. I haven’t added 30kg to my log with out strengthening my press somewhat.
But the strict press is is like the squat for strong man. Its a means to an end. All over head movement look to allow leg drive. Log, Axle, Viking press One Arm Dumb bell, ETC. All have leg drive. So I’ve added it in to help with an event - its not an event in its self.

Its also a REAL good feeling. To strict press a big amount. And having a big strict press will only help my push press!

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I mean a big strict press will always be great but I personally only care aboub the overall weight. It’s what drives my performance as a competitor the most and, yes I admit it, satisfies my ego the most. If I am being 100% honest, I sometimes enjoy the looks and the progression “that guy should be able to use more weight for squats… oh I guess It’s fine for front squats… wait he’s repping it overhead?!”.

If strict presses get me there: Good. If not, also fine. If I would know how to do it, I would absolutely utilize a real weightlifting jerk.

Log is a whole different topic forme. Relies more on brute strength and the difference between push and strict press is much smaller.

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Well, pushpress comes a lot from legs… You can see how Olympic lifters lift huge weights just by using the momentum techniques… Looks like you are doing the same.

I have seen it in a few comps. And there’s always “Strengthlifting”, although you get a double backbend there, haha.

I get about 20lbs on my leg drive. I could get more if I focused on it…but I don’t.

There’s no strenghtlifting over here and the rules never made sense to me either (just allow leg drive and get rid of controversy).

Haha I know mate. Different strokes for different folks or something like that.

That’s a Mark Rippetoe product alright.


Yeah I should post that in the flame free section but that dude is highly overrated and some of his stuff never made sense to me either.

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