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How Much Does Tiger Woods Bench?


So me and my bud got into an arguement tonight as he tried telling me that Tiger Woods could bench 405. I said no fucking way in hell could Tiger bench 405. So he told me to google it and the only places that claimed him to bench 405, 350, and 375 were wiki how and yahoo answers. Too completely unreliable sources

Places such as criticalbench had and article about how strong athletes are and gave Tiger a 190 bench according to a golf magazine and another site which had a news article on Tiger put him at 240 which he claimed. These numbers seem far more accurate. He doesn't have the look of a 405 bencher and not even a 315 bencher. Just because you play proffesional sports dosent mean your jacked. I was just so surprised at my friends iggnorance.

So how much do you think Tiger can bench?


Tiger's actually pretty jacked, I've been to several golf tournaments and seen him up close...maybe not 405 jacked, but I'd definitely give him a 315 bench, probably more


No doubt is Tiger in top physical shape, but "jacked" pleaseeee.

I had to post a link of his pic because i couldn't upload it on my phone but to call him jacked is sad.


Im pretty sure that pic is a fake


Is that good or bad for Tiger lol?


lmfao not even 225


Who gives a shit? He plays golf. 80 year old men play golf at a professional level. Benching doesn't really help your golf game. This is a retarded thread. Tiger basically has the stats of a normal guy. This thread isn't worth a compound sentence.


I saw him on TV today. Did a double take. Usually golf I just tune out, but it's pretty impressive how much size he's put on the in the past year or two. Even in the lower body, showing proper training. His upper body size (chest, back, delts) doesn't typically suggest a 405 bench, 315 maybe.

This pic is of today's loss to a dude that looks like the gay asian guy off Entourage.


back pic


Less then Y. E. Yang


no,Yang does deadlifts.


Bad, men's fitness did a spread on him and he looked better then that.

I think the idea that he could put 300 up for a single on bench isn't out of question.


Dana White looks like shit yet here he is benching 315

315 bench is at 5:00


I think Tiger must be reasonably strong to hit the golf ball that hard. It comes from his nervous system, not his muscular size.


WTF me and a friend had this same exact conversation like a week ago. He was like "yeah man Tiger Woods can bench 400 pounds," and I was like "yeah fucking right." Its nice to see we think alike austin lol.


M.Y. Yang can bench 250.


How much does Judge Judy bench?..I had an argument with a buddy of mine and I say 300lbs..he says no way.


If Tiger's height and weight are correct on wikipedia he is my height and around 20 pounds lighter. He is listed at 6'1" and 185 lbs. Judging from what I can do I wouldn't be surprised if he could do 315 lbs. Much more than that would surprise me since he is a golfer and benching probably isn't a priority for him.

What I really want to know is can he dunk a basketball? (sarcasm)



That's nothing. Skinny televangelist Joel Osteen boasts a 300 lb bench press.


He's got Jesus as a trainer though