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How much does sex or mastrubation affect your body and muscular development?

Hey people i’m curios,does sex or mastrubation affect your phisique? will it make your training weaker if you trained after having sex and will it rob you of any hard gains that you have maid?
So i’m sure some sex is okay but some of us just need it on a daily basis!! and i’m not talking about once.
SO how much sex or mastrubation is okay let’s say in a week??? Please take this seriously in dire need of help. Thanks

If the answer was “sex hurts your gains” would that mean you’d actually stop?
Didn’t think so. Dumb and very frequently asked question.

Playing with your piccolo may cause you to go blind and have hairy hands Far.

Well what about masturbation? Should that be curbed? I agree that you’d be stupid to turn down sex to help your performance in the gym, but masturbation is a completely different story.

I heard that per load depending, on the size of it, it contains almost 30 grams of protien.
so u might want to have an extra shake, or two.

Better yet, eat your own spooge. Works great for probodybuilders, so it’ll work for you!

www.goaskalice.columbia.edu/1585.html Hopefully, that’ll settle the “eat your own spooge” suggestion. If your significant other is concerned about losing weight, offer a low-calorie snack.

Type “Vitamin S” into the search engine to get additional information on this topic.

If you tug your pud at a tempo of 2-1-2-1 it’s actually a great forearm workout.

It doesn’t matter if you jerk it or have sex, it doesn’t affect your gains.

I say jerk it all you want, or until the skin on your weenie gets worn off.

WOw 30 grams per session!!!
damm that’s a whole meal.Thanks for the replys and what do you mean pro bodybuilders eat their own spooge,is it a common ritual that i’ve not heard of? Maby the one’s with loads of endrogens eh!

They don’t eat their own spooge. They eat each other’s. Apparently. Yergh.

The only thing I would be concerned about are muscle imbalances. But that’ll be ok if you switch from right to left every other workout.