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How Much Does Natural Aging Affect Strength Development?

So I’m 17 soon enough to be going on 18, about to be a senior in high school this coming August. I do Florida high school weightlifting in which we compete with a pause bench and a clean & jerk in meets. Sadly for me quarantine has really negatively affected my progression but I’ve always wondered how much strength do we gain from our natural growth due to aging? Especially in the late high school stage such as I’m in? I suppose I’m hoping to find something to help me bounce back once gyms are reopened lol.

About 5. Hard to say but just puberty and not being completely sedentary = more muscle so u would get stronger. Probably tapers off

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It’s much easier to re-build muscle and strength than it is to build it in the first place, plus the fact that you are young will be a major advantage. Just get back to training when you can, until then you can do bodyweight stuff at home. Josh Bryant has a lot of youtube videos and articles on his site about that sort of stuff, go check it out.

How strong you get as you age depends on what you do as you age. Some people play sports as kids and then become computer nerds or lazy slobs and don’t get stronger, you have to do something to build strength.

I hope you don’t mean steroids, at your age that would be a very bad decision. If that is what you are implying then ask in the pharma section and they will set you straight, there is a high risk of fucking up your hormones permanently at your age.


You already have everything you need except gym access. You’ll bounce back fine if you get after it. Do what you can with what you’ve got for now and you’re unlikely to grow significantly weaker.

This is nothing to fret over. Do some push-ups, you’ll be fine.


Without considering the effects of physical activity on strength, the strength you gain with aging is only a symptom of increased lean body mass. Unless you’re still experiencing growth spurts in which you’re spontaneously growing, you probably won’t improve your ability to exert force.

Even if you did increase your muscle volume, displaying strength is a skill and your increased force production potential wouldn’t manifest itself until you take the time to redevelop the skill of whatever lift(s) you’re using as markers for progression

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I’m going to say it all depends how active your daily life is. Someone that plays video games all day is not going to get noticeably stronger with age. I used to climb trees and was constantly outside doing stuff and that will make you stronger. It’s like training but not training. Same way people in manual labor jobs that don’t go to the gym are stronger than day someone that’s a lawyer that doesn’t go to the gym.