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How Much Does Frequency Matter?

Something I hear a lot is that “naturals” should train with a higher frequency (2x a week vs. 1x a week) for size. For those of you who have reached your hypertrophy goals, how much does it matter?

Using this as an example of lower vs. higher frequency…

Twin A:
Chest/Biceps- Flat DB Press, Incline Press, DB Curl, Hammer Curl

Legs- Lying Leg Curl, Front Squat, RDL, Legpress

Shoulder/Triceps- OHP, CGBP, Lateral Raise, Incline Extension

Back- Barbell Row, Wide Grip Pulldown, V-Handle Pulldown, Rack Pull


Twin B
A1- Flat DB Press, CGBP, Wide Grip Pulldown, Barbell Row, Lateral Raise

B2- DB Curl, Front Squat, RDL

A2- Incline Press, OHP, V-Handle Pulldown, Rack Pull, Incline Extension

B2- Hammer Curl, Lying Leg Curl, Legpress

Same exercises. Same volume. Same genetics. Same intensity. Would there even be a difference in 10 years provided they ate the same and reached the same strength levels? The biggest bodybuilders/physique-oriented guys in all the gyms I’ve been to all train everything once a week. But if there are clear benefits to training everything 2x a week, then I’m obviously interested.

I’ve learned I can’t gain strength or mass in some muscles unless I work them twice a week. I notice this most in my pecs. Even a massive chest day, if only done once in a seven-day period, makes me maintain but not build. However, if I do even one pec exercise later in the week, like close grip bench after overhead presses, then my pecs will improve.

Each person is different, but I’ve had the best results from working each muscle at least indirectly twice a week, such as biceps curls on chest day then rows and pulldowns on a separate day.

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Depends on your individual recovery rate…


To build off of this; @startingagain, in the original thread that you posted in (referencing the John Meadows video), Meadows states at the end of the video that ultimately everyone will have to experiment to find what works for them.

And this is absolutely the case. Some people will be able to get by training some body parts once a week and see growth, others will not. But everyone needs to spend time experimenting and tweaking and changing things until they figure out the best method for them.


For strength I’m thinking and finding more and more that frequency is king, for size I’m not quite so sure, given that most of my best size gains have come from training 3 on 1 off & admittedly I’ve never trained everything just once a week it’s hard to be sure.

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Not much at all


Its a moving target, go through various different approaches (say 12 weeks at a time)and see which your body responds best to

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Are you saying your hypertrophy doesn’t matter or frequency !! :wink:

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