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How Much Does Anastozole Raise T?


Been on .5 mg's of Anastrozole for 5 weeks going on 6. Also 120mg's of Test a week, how much does the Anastrozole raise your total and free Test. Total Test was 535 8 weeks ago having blodd drawn in morning. The reason I ask is I started having trouble sleeping almost like I felt when I got Test up to around 1200 to 1400 some anxiety too..

Also is IGF-1 test Urine or blood drawn?????


In your case, ZERO....you are on TRT, how would it raise your actual T?


That's what Endo said and he is a lifter. I guess will find out wednsday I know when I take Anastrozole on same day as shot can tell a difference in the issues I metioned above


Im sure you can tell a difference, otherwise it would be pointless to use it...but the difference you are seeing is not higher Test...

Your endo sounds like an idiot....the HPTA feedback loop is one of the simplest concepts to grasp...when you are on TRT, your natural production is shut down, so taking arimidex will not increase what is not there...Anything times zero is still zero...

People not on TRT will see some improvement in T levels from adex, but not those who are taking exogenous test.


No not an Idiot smartest out of the 10 I've been to.. Lower Estrogen frees up more test so not as much turns to Estrogen.. By the size of my Endo he has used juice before. Shit also leaned up bigtime in 2 weeks 7 pounds, and same workout


By what mechanism, bro?


Testosterone aromatizes to estradiol through Michaelis-Menten kinetics. By using an AI to inhibit the aromatiziation reaction, the Vmax (maximum reaction rate) is lowered, leading to less testosterone aromatizing to estradiol (by lowering the Vmax, the reaction will most likely reach saturation, which allows you to ignore substrate [testosterone] concentration[this allows one to increase T through a predictable, linear fashion independent of enzyme kinetics]), which leads to higher serum T.


I understand T->E2 aromatization, and I think we are saying the same things...in this case, I think it is more clear to say that anastrozole "spares" testosterone as opposed to "increases" it...the latter implies that some sort of feedback comes into play in which your body increases your T levels, which is the case for those not administering exogenous testosterone, but is n/a for those on TRT...

Of note, does this process actually result in an increase in Free T? Or does the body compensate by releasing more SHBG to bind it?


He said it increases free test I will post labs in about 1 to 2 days to let you know.. Before the AI and after 5 weeks on it.