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How Much Do You Spend

…a month on supps?

Also, what supps are they and do you feel it’s money well invested or more mental/psychological help?

Me personally, I’m dancing pretty high (~$200) because I’m trying to cut and maintain strength on top of being a GROW! junkie. That stuff is just damn tasty.

Monthly vitamin concotion: $20
Grow! (2 tubs per month): $46
Surge (2 tubs per month): $42
ZMA (one bottle per month): $12

Total: $120 per month

Every once in a blue moon, I may use something else (MAG-10, HOT-ROX, etc.), but only if necessary and spending the extra money isn’t an issue.

Never mind the supps. It’s food that costs a fortune!

Yep, that’s another $300 per month. And I buy most of my food in bulk to save money!

Surge 2 tubs $42
nytrowhey 5lbs $50
casein 5lbs $30
ZMA $9
creatine $2
multi-vitamin $3
multi-mineral $2.50
r-ala $4.50
Power Drive $17
coconut oil $6
fish oil $6
this is just the bare bones stuff. I could easily add another $30 of other little stuff. This goes up to another $60 if i’m on androgens or recovery supps like Methoxy-7 and or Tribulus. laters pk

Yeah, the ability to eat pounds upon pounds of meat a week is amazingly expensive.