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How Much Do You Spend on Supps?


I'm curious what people are spending on supplements each month.

I've had an auto-immune condition so there are a few supps I'm considering to support my immune system, but essentially:

Fish Oil
Multi-Vit (TwinLab Daily One any good?)
Co Enzyme Q10
Tribulus (doctor recommended I try a T booster)
Rez-V (should I drop Tribulus in favor of this?)
Boswellia Root
Echinacea & Goldenseal

My problem is two fold: A) this adds up to almost $360 per 60 days; B) it's about 35 capsules a day.

Some questions:

1) What are you guys using on a regular basis? How many caps/servings a day does your supplement stack come out to, and how much does this cost you per month?

2) Can I drop Tribulus in favor of Rez-V, or is Tribulus better for boosting T Levels? I would like to take Rez-V for the anti-viral, anti-oxidant properties.

3) Are BCAAs absolutely worth it? I mean, I've read so much about their worth but am curious if anyone has noticed any significant performance boost from taking these. I am trying to cut costs, not that I wouldn't take them if I could afford to.

4) What's a good Multi? And yes, I did a search already :slightly_smiling: All I got was Animal Pak and Usana, and one guy mentioned TwinLab's Daily One.

Any other advice would be appreciated, thanks.


currently.....about 0

next month creatine , Tongkat , and Fishoil......about 30 bucks


First off, make sure you're getting plenty of protein and fruits and vegetable. As for supplements, load up on fish oil (amazon has good prices for the liquid form), a T-booster if your doctor recommened it, ZMA and a mulit-v would be good too.

What are your goals?


Holy supplements Batman! Do you have a specific reason for taking all of these? I mean do you know exactly what each one does and why it benefits you to take them? Also- have you discussed these with your doctor regarding your "condition"?

What we are using and what you should use are not related. Each person has different goals and different requirements. If we all said we don't use anything are you really going to throw all that stuff away and use nothing?

Do you know for a fact you have low T-levels? I would think that Rez-V would be a better supplement regardless as it does way more for you. I don't think, however, it's as good at boosting your T than trib.

Again this depends on your goals.

Multi-V's are generally worthless.


I would like to bulk up right now. Yes, I am using whey protein which I forgot to mention.

The fish oil will be in liquid form. I was told to get at least 15-20g of fish oil per day for my condition, and swallowing that amount in Flameout caps is not something I'd like to do. I have used Flameout before though with no qualms.

If I can take out the Tribulus, BCAA and Beta-7 ( I may experiment with the last two once I advance my training regimen) it would save me quite a bit. Even still, I'm spending at least $280 per 60 days. That's why I'm curious what others are shelling out for supplements.

I am currently 150-155, 5'7 and about 18% BF. I dropped 40 pounds since last July when I got ill, and am up about 20 pounds and still looking to gain my old weight back.



Yes, I have researched all the supplements and they are beneficial to my condition. My doctor and I have gone over each. I've been sick for a while so I've researched the hell out of supplements and diet.

Not at all. That's not what I meant by my post, I was just curious what the average budget for supplements is and what you guys are using, not because I wish to follow what supps others are taking. After pricing out my supps for a 60 day supply, I felt it was pretty high and was curious if anyone is spending even half that.

The Dr. recommended this due to my extremely low energy levels, suggested I take DHEA but I thought about taking Trib then Rez-V came to mind, hence why I'm curious if I should just take Rez-V instead since Biotest advertises it as a T-booster.

Getting into shape is my main goal: flexibility, rehabbing my back, gaining weight. Between bulking and cutting, I'd say my goals are more in line with bulking.

Really? Do you base this on the generally poor solubility and absorption of most multi's? I do have to take a good one twice a day, because I have trouble absorbing nutrients from food right now.


Bonus points for you then. :slightly_smiling:

I doubt that. I spend about $100-300 a month (depending on the month) on supplements, but that includes all of my protein. I would venture to say most serious T-Nationers are somewhere in that ballpark.

Based on many reviews and research on Multi's. Most generic multi's contain so much extra crap that you just don't need if you eat even a normal amount of food.


You may be different. In that case I would get a Multi made specifically for men and one that is high in whatever your doctor feels you may be lacking in. Some would say it would still be more effective to supplement with just the lacking minerals/vitamins, but given your condition you may be lacking in a lot.


I shop for 2-3 months at a time considering my occupation, but if you average it out, it comes out to be about $125-150/month I guess. Now that I think about it.. I guess I do consume about 24 pills/day. Trippy.

You have AIDs or somethin deleon? If you have a serious condition, I'd imagine there's little more you can do other than good diet/exercise/what your doctor can tell you.


For the newbie on a budget consider this:

One Month Supply of Dbol: $20
Expected Gains: More than 10lbs

One Month of All the stuff listed above: Hundreds of $$
Expected Gains: Less than 10lbs

The funny thing is this is not a joke either


I doubt you really need all those.

Like it's been said before on this board. Supplements are only progress enhancers, not progress makers.

Spend the money on food, not supplements. Eat enough protien, carbs, veggies and fruits. Basically just eat 5-6 good meals a day and you can cut most the supplements on that list.

I don't get why everyone has this complex where they think if they pop supplements they will do better than eating more food.


If a newbie needs Dbol to gain 10lbs, then he is fucked to start with and should quit now and save his $20.


Protein powder, fish oil, and vitamin.

Bout 0 dollars with my five-finger discount at walmart.


The OP is just looking for a fountain of youth.


I take it you work at Wal-Mart.

That explains so much...


Steroids cost efficient now?


Im on a supplement budget of around $120 a month, which includes protiens and creatines.

As far as vitamins and others I take the AnimalPak, Biotest's own ZMA, Fish Oils, and usually some other blend of something else. I also take the daily alpha lipoic acid and l-carnitine 200/500 daily, I hear that helps you live longer. I would end up taking some other food supplements like Noni or Apple Cider Vinegar or something like that. Usually I will include a mineral or antioxidant for the month as well.

In total, I take about 5 pills a day (not incuding the animalpak) and I cycle the supps month to month. I find it easier and more cost effective. It also works just as good sometimes.


No, not at all, thank god!

Something physiological that's on the cusp of a remission. Have had it for 5 months now and only with diet/supps have I been able to control it. All the supps are relevant and have shown to help control the symptoms I have, so it's not like I'm relying on them instead of a good diet; my diet is pretty solid as well.

So it looks like $250-300 per 2 months is the average? Interesting; I'll have to give up my Fridays and work extra to afford the supps :frowning:


Then everybody has a much better job than I do which probably is the case. I might spend 50 bucks a month and that's pushin it. Not there aren't a bunch of things I'd at least try if I could afford it. Sometimes I do stare longingly at the store page, seriously, but I can only do what I can do.


What eengrms76 was saying is generally true, centrum type drugstore ones are lousy and most people take way more than can be utilized anyway.


I use these, but I only take probably less than one a day because I open them up and eat the powder or sprinkle it in food/shakes a little at a time. Very cost effective that way and better utilized. 22 bucks for 3 or 4 months for the whole family is pretty good.


I'm a person that preaches health over how much you can bench press.. and mental wellbeing is an essential part of this (life, weightlifting, everything) too. If you stress out its not gonna help you as much as if you just bought what you REALLY need/want and were content with it.

(and for the trolls) If you want the science instead of the common sense behind it, the body actually releases cortisol amongst other shit under stressful times. Or so says health magazines. I do know that when Im stressed, it effects my workouts. Physiological or psychological, i dont know, but its there.

Be healthy and happy, thats what it all comes back to.