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How Much Do You Spend On Meat?

Meat only? Yikes. 5lb chicken, 2-3lb beef, 2-3lb pork, 1lb fish each week. Chicken and pork average $2 per pound (thanks Costco!) and beef is usually $8 a pound, with fish coming in about the same. Looks like about $175 a month and that’s feeding my wife and I.

I may have overestimated. Although, we need around six to seven pounds of meat for a week’s worth of work lunches for me, which is around 30 AUD a week. That doesn’t include dinners over the week. So there’s 120 AUD just for lunches in a month.

I/2 side of grass fed out beef butchered is going about 1500 right now. That’s 384 lb yield (which is a good yield). That will last my family a year easy. With that said, we probably spend at a minimum 300 a month on groceries. That’s a young family of four…well the kids are young… Its not cheap. We just got the beef I’ll see how much we spend going forward. It seems less these last couple of weeks.

I guess almost 4 dollars a lb of beef isn’t bad considering that’s ribeyes, roasts, ground beef, etc…I need to raise chickens. We eat so many eggs. Probably 18 a week most of which I consume.

$10 for ground turkey last two weeks for lunch. $20 frozen chicken breast last me two weeks for dinner. So $60 a month for that. Then I get a rotisserie chicken from Costco a few times a month, another $10. That is pretty much it. Random chick fila trips.

My weekly meal prep is anywhere from $100-150ish. Depends on what meats and sides.

I only prep 2 meals a day and usually either so lean ground turkey, ground sirloin, or steak. If steak I don’t do it for the whole week due to cost.

The wife and 2 spiked kids are the big money eaters. We spend probably 5-700 a month at the grocery store.

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I assume this question is actually about protein consumption. I don’t eat meat other than fish sometimes.

Each week I consume

7 gallons of milk : 21 dollars
2 to 3 dozen jumbo eggs : 4 to 6 dollars
2 to 3 nonfat greek yogurt tubs: 10 to 15 dollars
frozen veggies and frozen fruit: 5 to 10 dollars
lots of rice, it costs less than 5 dollars a week

So about 60 to 70 dollars a week on food. I haven’t factored in condiments, cooking oil, occasional fish, protein powders (I take whey post workout and 1 scoop casein at night as often as possible) or splurging on other stuff

You guys have cheap groceries… family of 4, 2 teenage boys… $2k min a month.
Ground beef avg $6/lb and chicken is stupid expensive $8/lb if on sale. I’ll hit the farmers market to save on produce.

Sounds like you are in a different country or something with chicken prices that high!

I assumed this was meat consumption for one person so the OP could get a sense of spending. Speaking of your family of various sizes does not allow one to make any sense of the data. There are too many variables when including the family. If the question is just to gossip like bitches, then go for it.

Good Lord… I also posted the per lb cost, however the entire exercise is not going to be very useful. A more useful metric would be how much is consumed. Even that though is highly subject to personal tastes and culture.
That also doesn’t even begin to touch on the huge differences regionally in food costs.

I hate when an OP spits out a question and then they don’t follow up. His question really isn’t clear. He could easily clear things up.

Well, to be frank the question is very specific and unambiguous. @isdatnutty is asking how much you, the replier, spends on meat. Then, if one’s number is inflated because they are feeding a family, the answer is still valid in response to the original question.

There’s still a utility in seeing what numbers people post back because you can gauge if your spending is somewhat reasonable - at least when those that reply are near you geographically.

Curiously, where I’m from, imported meat is sometimes far cheaper but then I don’t know what that animal had been fed. Getting domestic meat means I know they weren’t given antibiotics etcetera and I’m willing to pay a premium for that (although I don’t think I should have to)

It’s just a straight forward question.

How much do you spend on meat? I don’t care if you break it down daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc. I don’t care if it’s just for you or the family.

I’m curious because I spend $200 bucks a month for 20lbs of meat. I get high quality locally sourced meat. I have a friend who spends $600-$700 a month on meat for just himself. He only buys high quality beef ribeyes that are almost $20 a lb and halibut that’s $25 a lb.

So I was just curious on how much people in general just spend on meat.


I try to keep it under $200 per month.

1000$ a month

About $200 as well, the beauty of living alone. Also I don’t spend money on much of anything else
besides food, which helps a lot especially now

I feed a family of 4 on £120 per week but personally I spend £30 of that on meat and fish for me. Then you’d have to add protein powder purchases to that as well.

2 chicken breasts a day, 1 or two cans of tuna and then a different meat for the evening, lamb, beef, pork or chicken legs or thighs.

Aldi in England is great for meat.

Right now I’d say $100-150 per month. So far I haven’t changed my food habits much, hopefully I won’t have to.

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