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How Much Do You Spend on Food?


So how much do you spend on food may it be hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly? If you were to give 100 calories a price how much do you think it would be? (if we were to way that they are quality calories)

Be interesting to hear,


I spend anywhere from $60-100/wk just for myself.

100 cals a price? depends on the food.
100 cals from a banana is super cheap, 100 cals from an apple is more expensive, and 100 calories from steak probably even more so


I guess I spend lil over $300 a month on food and protein powder etc.
And that number is pretty much divided by 30 since I eat more or less the same stuff every day.

I haven't got an unlimited food budget so I try to get the cheapest quality food items I can get to support my higher than average food intake. I do my grocery shopping once a week and if nice lean protein sources are on sale I stock up.
But since I cook close to 100% of my own meals I usually end up spending less money than my friends even though I might be eating 1000+ Kcal more each day.


I spend between 200-300 a week depending if I'm working. It sucks but I'm always hungry.....


I don't know how anyone does it so inexpensively as has been mentioned.

Despite the fact that I go through huge amounts of Metabolic Drive, not to mention Surge Recovery and SWF, and coconut oil and olive oil supply additional calories pretty cheaply, I am sure food costs me at least $20/day on average.

For example, suppose five of the meals per day have a real-food component (besides eggs.) And that averages say $3.50. That's already $17.50. Now add in just the Eggland's Best eggs for the day and there's the $20, all gone.

And it's easy to average over $3.50.


When I am living very strictly about 400 a month. When I go back home and eat out with friends...more like 1000.


I didn't include protein supplements or fish oil. I only listed what I spend at the grocery store.


I fluctuate between $80-120 a week. I shop organic though so that factors in additional cost. And that's not counting eating out.

Thank Goodness for Grow! and Metabolic Drive.


I spend about $150-$175 a week CAD for myself. Food prices have skyrocketed here though and I get a lot of stuff from the small produce and meat shops which is costly.


3500-4000 kcal
5-7 dollars per day

I realize people spend a whole lot more than this.

To eat quality meats and get a sufficient variety of vegetables and fruits, berries, etc...$20/day seems more reasonable.

I just can't afford it.

The reality is that you have to be wealthy to eat well in this world.

Less than %1 of the worlds population can afford to eat "clean" and with enough calories to be a good athlete.


$160-180 a month total.


I don't know what people are eating for so little money but it can't taste very good, I'm guessing there's not a allot of "depth of flavor" in most of these meals?


Well, there are ways to eat cheaply and tastily, though how to do so and also meet bodybuilding goals is beyond me.

When I was younger, poorer, and before starting lifting, I ate for less than $5 per day, and with good tasting food.

One trip to a "Golden Corral" type (a different chain though) restaurant for lunch. The food bar would have been a little over $5, but I learned from a friend it was cheaper to order the steakburger with food bar, and then ask for the baked potato to be omitted, which deducted cost.

Of course that yielded only one (albeit quite large) meal per day, which is not the say to eat for bodybuilding or athletic purposes.

However, correcting for inflation, that would be more than $5 today as this was twenty years ago.

The same basic principle could still be accomplished at CiCi's pizza though for about $5.


It depends on how many Kcals each person has to eat I guess and the carb/protein/fat ratio as carbs and fat tend to be cheaper compared to quality protein.

I only need about 3200-3500 Kcal a day so I guess I am "lucky" in that sense although that number will go up soon enough hopefully.


$60-$70 a week, and that's only about 3000 calories per day. Most expensive item is probably chicken breast, which is normally $8 for a 40 oz bag at WalMart.

Whey and supplements are extra. $32 tub of my brand of whey probably lasts 1.5 months. Liquid fish oil is pricey, like $17 for only about a month's worth.

Also take a highly rated multi and borage oil. Now take ZMA. Adds up fast. I drop $100 easy at online stores every 1.5 months or so.


50$ a week. Actually my parents pay for it because im still going to school and being 17 kinda sucks.


~120 a week. If there is a nice sale on for chicken or ground beef, I'll spend more. It is hard being a student and eating enough, but I try to my best to be as creative as possible to get my cals in. ~4000 for me a day.


200-250 a week. I live in Norway though, prices (and salaries) are generally a lot higher than in the US.


2200cal a day and I spend about $50 a week so $55 US or something like that. But my uni is a 10min walk to a massive fruit and veg market and a meat market is a 5min drive so I save alot


I love both of those places. I eat around 5000 to 6000 cals a day. I spend around $600 to $700 a month on food for myself.