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How Much Do You Spend on Food a Week?


I just told my coworkers how much I spend on food a week and apparently I'm WAY above average.

They aren't atheltes of any kind, and not particularly health conscious yet my $75-110 a week on food is way mmore then they spend. I buy mostly produce, so maybe that's part of it.

what about you guys? I would imagine most of you eat fairly well.


I'm in that range but it lasts me a 2-3 weeks. sometimes a bit higher when my protein runs out since it lasts more than a single week.


is OP male or female?



I spend $125-150 CAD so you're not too bad. Me -> :=)


shit like $200-250


Well over $200 every two weeks for just me.


easily over 90$ a week


I'm a poor college student, but..

3lbs pork, 3lbs chicken, 3lbs hamburger-~18
3 gallons of milk ~$10
4 lbs rice ~$2.50
36 eggs ~$4.00
6 sweet potatoes ~$4.50
12 bananas $2.50
Total: $41.50

that's if i stick to my diet 100%. I usually buy some extra snacks or something though. Gets me ~4200 cals/day.


I budget about $25/day for food...this doesn't include supps or meals out with my g/f or friends on the weekends...But I also live in Washington DC and food here is frackin expensive....being 280# doesn't help...


about $100 CAD if I don't eat out


Maybe $125 not counting eating out. I eat out usually once or twice a week, if you eat 6 times a day its really impractical to eat out since your spending like $10 on 1/6th of your food that particular day.


I'm in the same boat as the OP. At work I told people what I spend ($110 to 125 every week) and some people spend that much for about a month and half. I was like "Do eat Ramen noodles for every meal?" The meats will really kill your grocery bill. I'm tall and 225 pounds with a high metabolism. I eat about 5000 cal a day for maintenance.


Around 80 bucks every other week. And that's only on the meat, fish, veg and fruit.


Rice comes out to ~2,100 cals/dollar if you buy it in 10lb bags (at least where I shop). Can't really get a cheaper source of cals than that lol.


That's basically what I get. Replace the sweet potatoes for a 10lb bag of russet potatoes for ~$4, and add in a big bag of pinto beans


over 9000


~70 bones.


DFW-TX area.
$100.00 week including suppliments.


70-100 excluding supps. It could easily be higher but I supply my own pork, venison(deer meat), fish, and elk. Sometimes beef. Ill splurge and buy beef thats local as well. Ill never buy beef(or most meat) from Wal-Mart again.


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