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How Much Do You Like Your Gym?


Hi guys. I've lurked for a while and this is my first post. Now and I'm positive i saw a thread like this, but I've searched and couldn't find it, so fuck it ill start a new one.

Anyway, how do you like your gym? I personally love mine. It has a power rack, 3 or 4 squat racks, 2 separate dumbell racks with one going up to 200 lbs and the other going up to 150 lbs. basically its heaven for anybody looking to train seriously. chalk? fuck yeah, go ahead and use it. Want to squat barefoot? shit be my guest. i absolutely love it. Anybody else train at a gym like this? i cant be alone here.


Haha! Your screen name… LOL.


MikeHunt, you need to change your avatar otherwise this is going to get confusing


wow, something positive about your gym? It seems that everyone only has negative comments about their gym lol

Anyways, here’s what I like about my gym: a.) It’s never crowded when I go. Ever. There are some lurking guidouchebags but they’re manageable and they never squirrel when I’m there.

b.) Chalk? Use it if you got it. Barefoot? Fuck Yeah! Only one power rack but I’m never shy about asking to work in/kick someone out if they’re not using it for something constructive (ie squats). Most of the people are accommodating (even the guidouchebags and squirrelers surprisingly).

c.) there’s ample cardio bunnies to look at. I love that I have to walk through the cardio room to get to the weight room and I get to look at/be looked at by the cardio bunnies.


I liked my last gym, but it up and closed without any notice to members. They were even signing up new members and having them pay for a year membership upfront the week before the closed. I go to a Planet fitness now, let the flaming begin, and I hate it. But, it’s the only gym in the area that doesn’t have you sign a 2 year membership, I plan on moving within the next 3 months. Hopefully my next gym won’t suck so much ass.

I’m known as the gym killer, every gym I’ve been joined has closed within 3 years, first was superfitness, then Boston north shore turned into a women only gym; they changed the name to Pumps at the square one mall, and the sign is above a dick’s sporting goods sign, so if you look quick it says “pumps dick’s”


3 or 4 squat racks, not quite sure!

My gym meets my needs, when it stops I’ll find another or train at home


Love my gym. It’s the one in my avatar. Picture was taken around 1930, no one is ever there. 2 power, 2 squat, 2 incline, 2 flat, DB’s up to 100 (which works for me) and they supply belts, wraps, etc.

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i like it enough to train there.


It’s Ok(just switched to it, 2 weeks ago), it’s only got 1 squat rack(that is used more for curls). However they have 2 pair of every DB going up to 120lbs, it’s clean, and as far as I can tell no one gets mad for using chalk or making noise. They’re having a “powerlifting” comp in Aug. which is a good sign.


I don’t like mine very much. It’s very budget and therefore very busy at peak hours (usually the only hours I can go). Equipment is decent, except that there is no squat rack or power rack (!!) and the DB’s go up to 75lbs. I’ve been training there for a while and didn’t need a squat rack or heavier DB’s before I discovered T-Nation. Now, I’m looking for another gym.

That’s not so easy though, because I’ve visited three other gyms so far and all are worse than the one I’m at now. Apparently it’s important nowadays for a gym to offer a swimming pool and childcare services, but not DB’s above 75lbs or a squat rack (or even a free bench press in the case of one gym - just a Smith machine).


I loved so many things about my old gym. It was close to home, it was never very busy, there was no attitude there, it had all the equipment you needed even though everything was quite old, and most importantly, it had the perfect atmosphere for hard training; everyone just got on with their workouts without making too much noise and there were no distractions and people were friendly.

My current gym is like an over crowded nightclub where people mainly train in groups and make lots of noise and distractions and give you dirty looks. It also takes a while to get to by car and has no lockers so your personal items are never safe.

Oh, and there are no women even though it’s a mixed gym.


Mine is free, always open, has heavy DB’s, a squat rack, and it’s usually empty when I’m there.



Why would you squat barefoot? Sounds like a fun way to fuck your arches, amongst other shit.


I make do with what I have (Goodlife Fitness gyms throughout Toronto) - some are seriously hit or miss in terms of equipment but I’ve found when they bought out Bally’s across Toronto those gyms were better equipped overall in terms of decent DBs & HS equipment.

One location is like heaven in that the business clientele leaves around 7PM leaving the whole weight floor EMPTY :slight_smile:

@ the other locations there is lots of foo-foo stuff now (almost trip over a stability ball, BOSU ball every few steps it seems) but after all they are gunning for the casual fitness goer.

Best thing so far is that the staff let me borrow KBs, bands, & other stuff usually reserved for personal training the odd time or so. Helps from me having to lug it in all the time.


24 hour fitness. It’s really shitty depending on when you get there. 8-10 AM is the golden time for me because it’s the resting period for douchebags and curl kings.

The staff is useless, and the personal trainers are not there from what I can tell. One of the chicks that does the stepping classes is hot as hell though.

Really cheap membership, just $100 a year, so I don’t complain.


I love mine.

Mono lift, competition bars and plates, IPF combo bench, heavy DB’s, strongman logs, farmers walk handles, Nautilus Pullover machine, GHR. Full of friendly strong dudes and a great place to train.


[quote]Artem wrote:
Why would you squat barefoot? Sounds like a fun way to fuck your arches, amongst other shit.[/quote]

Why O’ why???


I think I posted it somewhere else already, but here ya go:

Note: My training partner who rents this place actually rearranged some stuff so now you can actually use the machines for some isolation work, plus we got a new set of farmer’s walk weights and a squat rack.


Planet Fitness. One squat rack and one flat bench. No pull up bar, just a shitty ass assisted pull up machine. One Lunk Alarm. DBs up to 75. Let’s just say that I’m learning to improvise.


Mine is good very homely, dont like the one girl who works there.You can do what you want bring your own shit in keep it there if you want,use chalk go bare foot.
They would probably let you walk round in a lepard print thong if you wanted to.

We have a few pros training there from various sports and theyre all easy to speak to as long as you dont interupt them or disturb them,well every one is just sound.
They even sell super cheap protein as quite a few guys who train there are sponsored by the brand in particular.
Oww 2 squat cages 1 squat rack 4 o-bars and shit loads of plates never alot of people there.