How Much Do You Lift? Squat, Bench & Deadlift

So, I’ve only been to one powerlifting comp, and I’m hooked. I love the sport a hell of a lot, and I want to get good. But I’m curious, how much do you guys lift (squat, bench and deadlift)? How long have you been doing it for? And how old are you?

I know that I should only be concerned about what I’m lifting, and I completely agree. I’m not wrapped up in whether I’m better than someone or not. I’m just wondering at what rate some people improve at. I know there’s no average or anything, so just feel free to show off I guess! :joy:
I’m currently studying sport in the uk, so I guess I have abit of a scientific nature.


Without knowing a lot more than S/B/D it won’t help you extrapolate much I wouldn’t think. You’d need to know things like frequency each lift is trained, intensity at which training is done, lifter’s weight, experience level (maybe), not to mention what the starting S/B/D values were as well as whether wraps are used for the squat.

If it helps:

31, 1.76 m, about 223ish lbs
Been training for PL around two years, three years kettlebell stuff before that, played prop ages 13-18 at school.
S 517 lbs (wraps, monolift)/473 lbs (sleeves, walked out)
B 286 lbs (paused)/302 lbs (touch and go)
D 583 lbs

Best meet 517/286/528

Meet on feb 28 I went 530/350/620
right now squat is in the 550-555 range
Bench is about 375 paused
Deadlift is the same right now.
Age 26. Bw 188 been lifting about 7.5 years ish

Deadlift - 510lb (231kg)
Squat - 425lb (192kg)
Bench - 285lb (129kg)
Age - 19
Weight - 190lb (86kg)
Years lifting - 2.5 years
Competed - Never. Looking into it now.

My bench is absolute trash. Want to get some solid numbers on that before I compete.

19, 182cm, 93-4kg

started from the bottom now we here, before starting, i couldn’t even do 20 push ups

now i am at 150kg squat, 170kg dl and 120kg bench. been training for around 3-4 years (powerlifting for like 2)

6’3 265lbs 31
D- 585

My squat is my weak link, always lifted on and off since wrestling and football in high school but never really knew what i was doing until about a year and a half ago. So actual programmed powerlifting about a year and a half. We all worked out in high school but most of us weren’t lucky enough to have a coach that knew anything about powerlifting/programming.

6’ Tall, 240lbs, 36 Years Old. Benn lifting for 20+ years, about half of which was actual serious lifting

Squat: 675lbs
Bench: 500lbs
Deadlift: 690lbs
But I am more of a strongman than a powerlifter

I am 29 and I’ve been lifting for like…errrrrrrrr 7-8 years I guess not counting all the boring resistance machine stuff I did as a teenager with my dad :joy:

my 1RM are…
200lbs Squat
140lbs Bench (paused)
and 250lbs Deadlift which I am pretty sure will be 255lbs after this Saturday

I am like 126lbs

47 rapidly advancing towards 48yrs old…just getting back into it over the last 8 months…

a paunchy 197 pounds

Bench 255
Squat 265
Dead Lifts (just started) 225

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6’1" Tall, 210lbs, 21 Years old. Been lifting for 3 years, half of which was actual powerlifting. I’m more like a hybrid athlete, have run half marathon, competed in swimming and athletics.
Meet on april 30:
Squat: 405lbs (180kg)
Bench: 340lbs (152.5kg)
Deadlift: 500lbs (225kg)

5’7 207lbs, I compete as a 198er/90kg lifter. Lifting for about 10 years years. In just a belt, wrist wraps, and knee sleeves:

Squat: 705lbs
Bench: 475lbs
Deadlift: 700lbs

49 Years Old 73" tall 197# Former competitive Cyclist / Sculler

S: 365ATG B: 205 D: 455 OHP : 135

Goals by 21 March 2017 S:405 B: 245 D: 505 OHP: 155

I have never competed but enjoy the powerlifts and 5/3/1 to go along with kettlebells. Been lifting for 3.5 years

30 years old, 6’4", 230 pounds
Olympic Style Squat: 365 lbs
Bench Press: 315 lbs
Deadlift: Haven’t tested in a while but have hit 495 for a triple
Overhead Press: 215 lbs

Goals (no timeline here):
Olympic Style Squat: 405 lbs
Bench Press: 350 lbs
Deadlift: 550 lbs
Overhead Press: 235 bs

Weight training for 14 years, Powerlifting for 13 months.

Skwaat - 360
Bench - 270
Dead - 435

25 years old
Squat 175,0kg
Bench 140,0kg
Deadlift 230,0kg

Regular press wasn’t asked but I’m proud as hell for repping my own weight soon with barbell press.

I’m getting loads of replies which is awesome!

What do you all think of mine??

Age: 17 (just. turned 17 last week)
Bw: 87.5kg
Squat :115
Bench : 70
Deadlift : 120
(double overhand, grip is kinda weak compared to my back)

I’ve been training since February last year, but I injured my lower back in rugby around Christmas time, and I couldn’t lift or anything for 4 months until February this year.

I like to think I’m decent for my age and body weight, but again. What do you think??

I hit those numbers probably around a year too. I’ll admit my second year I had a tremendous amount of success due to being a lot more educated and consistent. For most people who don’t have a trainer, coach, or an educated friend, the first year is more about educating yourself. I wouldn’t compete in a power-lifting competition yet if you want to be competitive.

Edit: My grip was a HUGE weak leak in my deadlift when I first started out. Try incorporating farmers carries if possible. Also pausing at the top of the deadlift for a second or two will also work the grip a bit more. As well as high rep shrugs, rows, and pull ups.

i thought i was decent too until i saw that one 17 y/o guy who pulled 600lbs on instagram

and at my first competition there was a guy who pulled 250kg at 82 bw(17y/o) and 305kg at 95 bw(18 y/o). For a year he gained 50+ kg on his DL and like 10 kg bw. He might be juicin through the roof, though :smiley:

So yeah, f*ck that

Over the weekend at a meet my buddy did I saw a kid 19 233lbs rip up a 665 opener. Then an easy 730 second. But used too much energy early and missed 740 on the third. This is in the wnpf a drug tested fed. I was beyond impressed. Especially how easy the 665 went