how much do you lift % of bodyweight

Hey guys and girls. A new poster and a new lifter of about 4 months. I’ve made some nice gains so far, when i started out i had trouble benching 70 pounds( i know, weak) and now i’m up to 190. just as an example of how far i’ve come in 4 months.
My question is, how much weight do you use percentage wise of your bodyweight in A)bench press B) deadlift C)squat D)dumbell curls/tricep extensions?
i weigh about 150 bench 190, deadlift 220 squat 220 but my dumbell curls and tricep extensions are much lower, i’m just wondering if it’s normal. for dumbell curls i use 40pnds and tricep extensions 30. sorry for any grammar mistakes or improper exercise names, go easy on me, thanks :smiley:

Everyone has different leverages and will use different weights according to program , placement of exercises, tempo etc. For instance, I’m 5’7" 190. I’ll use 50 lbs for hammer curls fro six to eight reps. Extensions triceps are up to 55. I’ll go lighter depending on the type of extension, do I want to go lighter for an easy day, etc.
Deadlifting, I’ll use in the 400’s for low reps in various pulls, such as trap bar, off the blocks, and so on.
Benchin depends on a speed day or max effort exercise ala westside.

Joshua1, if you do a search for an article called booming biceps by Don Alessi, you should find some pretty good information on bringing your strength levels up. Don has an approach to arm size/strength that’s pretty “outside the box” and I found it really useful. Congrats on your gains, it sounds like you’re doing pretty well. Just keep at it. You’ll probably find that after a while your gains slow. We’ve all been there, you just have to readjust your training, and keep working hard! Good luck!

John Berardi also called for BW percentages on various lifts over in the Lair, so if you do a search you can probably find that thread. A lot of people posted on it, so there’s lots of info that you can use for comparison.

That said, it’s self-defeating to try to compare yourself to others, especially if they’ve been lifting for a while and/or specialize in strength training (while you do mostly bodybuilding). Just make sure that you improve in as steady a manner as possible and you’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

Sure, it’s not accurate, but what the hell.

Weight = 169lb

A) Bench Press - my 3RM a while ago was 205lb (121%), (5x5) with 190lb

B) Deadlift - (5x5) with 255lb (151%)

C) Squat - I used to do 4x345lb (204%), but i dropped it back do (5x5) 285lb (169%) in order to get my form and control better

D) Dumbell Curls - 5 reps each arm w. 40lb (24%)

this will be funny… I am obviously new also.

dumbell curls - 12lbs
tricep extensions - 20lbs
shrugs - 20lbs
arnolds - 15lb dumbells
bench - i don’t, working on it
chest press - 15lb dumbells
lat pulls - 50lbs
seated rows - 40lbs
standing rows - 65lbs
deadlift - 55lbs
squats - 100lbs
leg presses - 110lbs

i am very weak. it is sad.

oh yes, and I am always hovering around 115lbs, 5lbs more than before I started lifting (if you would even call it that:))

Done between 195-205 lbs.-
Deadlift: 272%
Squat: 225%
Front Squat: 158%
Bench: 168%
Push Jerk (Apollons Axle): 146%
Barbell Curl (6RM): 74%
Close Grip Bench (6RM): 128%
Tire Flip: 420% LOL

Everyone is different though, so as long as you are improving on your own lifts (with correct form), that is all that matters.

My max bench was 275lbs

Now I don’t bench w/ max weight anymore more 10x @ 155lbs

Clean now 80lbsx5reps (new exercise for me)

My squats use to be around 375lbs

Now I do 225x10reps

Also mind you now I am going through cancer and I am taking weightlifting at a diffrent approach then most of you t-men and wommen out there. Where most of want to increase weight and get stronger.

I am only lifting because I enjoy lifting weights. I also lift to stay healthy. I don’t care if am the strongest person in the gym or the weakest. I am just glad and happy that I am training.

How much u lift is just a number. What you are trying to acomplish in the gym is the ultimate goal.

In Health,

Silas C.

So, I weigh 125lbs. (5’4")

And since I ain’t gonna do the math, I’ll just post up the numbers:

Bench: 170x2reps
Squat: 225x4
Front Squat: 155x6 (2-sets)
Dead: 315x1
DB curls: 40x5 (ea. arm)
Push press (Apollons Axle): 75x20

And to follow Sully’s lead:
Tire Flip: 350lbs x 14.5 flips in 60seconds

I hope this helps your wee survey :-))